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Vancouver East

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2009-08-23 21:33:00

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Ahi, Roma

Davies, Libby

Jamieson, Anne

Roy, Douglas

Yatco, Irene C.

Libby Davies

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  • vancouver-east (172/191 Polls)
  • vancouver-kingsway (5/190 Polls)
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    11 04 08 C.A.B.
    Now that Winnipeg North has fallen, this riding's claim to being the safest NDP seat in the country is undisputed.
    11 03 30 M. Lunn
    This includes Canada's poorest postal code which is the Downtown Eastside. It also includes the only two provincial ridings to stay NDP during their 2001 election disaster. So this is about as solidly NDP as you can get. The question is will this be their best showing in Canada or not?
    11 02 03 Dave
    Van East is Davies country or the New Democratic People's Republic of Vancouver East. She's not a great or even a good MP but she gets re-elected and that is all that matters. Now if Libby wanted to help Don in Vancouver Kingsway the would run a dual campaign aimed at the CPC candidates in both ridings. The CPC candidate in VK is Vietnamese and the CPC candidate in VE is Filipino. There are more vietnamese in VE and more filipino's in VK, so actively campaign in both those communities and take votes off of both to the detriment of both CPC candidates.
    09 09 16 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
    Total snooze-fest in this riding. Libby is too popular to be turfed. Sooner or later someone will bring up gentrification and how this is less and less a working class riding and some day it may go CPC. Well it isn't someday, it's now. If this is changing into something other than an NDP riding, it is for certain staying a Libby Davis riding and she will get elected regardless.
    09 08 22 Observer
    NDP stronghold. Libby Davies is NDP deputy leader. No one can expect anything but a NDP landslide win.

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