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Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Election Prediction Project is a non-profit initiative operated by volunteer effort.

A bit of History: Election Prediction Project started as part of the honour thesis research of Milton Chan, founder of the initiative. It attempted to predict the outcome of the 1999 Ontario Provincial Election, with moderate success. The project was initially hosted by the Political Science Department of University of Waterloo. Since then, Milton has finished his schooling in University of Waterloo, and the Project has grown from an individual's research work to a group effort.

The project has since moved to commercial hosting service, while maintaining its net-identity, "electionprediction.com" and "electionprediction.org". It is currently hosted, with minimal cost, as a supplementary service by a home-service ISP. However, the server will not support high volume traffic (restrict at 300 MB/month of bandwidth). In anticipation of the increase traffic leading up the elections, we seek your support to keep this project alive.

Friends of Prediction Program

Election Prediction Project would gladly accept donation of any size. Unfortunately, since we are not a charitable organization, we are not able to provide tax receipt. However, if you enjoy this site, we would greatly appreciate your support. (A patron list will be published for large donations.) Please email us if you would like to make a donation.

Electronic Campaign Sign Program

  • Three advertising spaces, one banner ad (500 pixels by 100 pixels) on top and two mini-signs (225 pixels by 175 pixels) in the bottom, are available for each electoral district. (Layout as presented on this page)
  • You may provide us with the graphic of the ad (up to 20kb each). We will only accept graphic updates under reasonable circumstances (up to once a month, and once a week during writ period).
  • Alternatively, if you wish to update more often or if your graphic is larger than the 20k limit, you may provide a link to a piece of graphic at a specific location. Only simple link will be accepted. No script will be accepted.
  • If technical detail is not your forte, we will be happy to provide simple design, similar to the basic campaign sign of your party.
  • All advertisings must be above reproach.
  • Each campaign may not reserve more than one advertising space.
  • For candidate-specific advertisements, a link from the "List of Candidates" (under riding profile) and a link from the graphic itself are included in this package.
  • Sponsorship Cost: $50 for banner ad, $30 for mini-sign
Candidate Link Program:
  • Links to official campaign sites are also available.
  • Links will be made from the "List of Candidates" under riding profile.
  • Only one link for each candidate will be accepted.
  • Link to third party sites are only available under Electronic Campaign Sign Program.
  • Sponsorship Cost: $5 per link
Restrictions and fine prints:
  • The advertising spaces are provided on first come first serve basis.
  • We accept third party advertisement (e.g. local citizen coalitions, teachers unions, CUPE, student groups), as long as they are campaign-related.
  • For candidate-specific advertisement, we only accept requests from an official agent of the candidate (CFO, campaign manager, or the candidate).
  • Links are only made to official websites. While we would gladly update the link if your site has been moved, we will not accept frequent link-changes.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement and sponsorship request.
For information, or to make a sponsorship request, please email election@electionprediction.org.

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