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Bilek, Michelle

Brown, David

Casanova, Otto

Jackson, Gerald

Takhar, Harinder

Hon Harinder S. Takhar


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    11 09 29 Not Non-Partisan
    David Brown is a terrific candidate with enormous local knowledge gained as senior City of Mississauga executive. He would have won in '07 if not for John Tory's foot-in-mouth. His strength in Erindale village and the Woodlands is more than Takhar can surmount this round.
    11 09 18 A.S.
    It was the only Mississauga seat to go federal Tory in '08--trouble is, that same federal rep has now flirted himself into a little scandal, and who knows what effect that'll have atop of Hudak's campaign struggles. For all his rocky cabinet history, Takhar is no more or less endangered than any Mississauga Liberal. It's worth noting that the ONDP tried a little ethnoburban-strategy dress rehearsal here in '07--it would appear by their present candidate that they've largely relinquished such strategizing to Bramalea-Gore-Malton or wherever else. (But may still excel their '07 result, anyway.)
    11 08 14 Canadian Election Atlas
    Mississauaga-Erindale was the only seat in the region to vote for the federal Conservatives in 2008. That was a surprise for sure, as it is typically not seen as being the most right wing riding in the area. Nonetheless we can see that the margin the Liberals won by in the 2007 election was not that high, and the Tories could very well pick this one up. This seat is really too close to call at this point, and I am not sure why this is listed as Liberal when some of the other ridings in the area are far more Liberal.
    11 05 27 Fred
    I've met David Brown. He seems like a very level-headed guy and I was impressed. With his urban planning background, he seems to have a good idea of what goes on in the city, and may be better suited for municipal politics. I'd vote for him, wouldn't vote for his party.
    11 05 23 seasaw
    Takhar's tenure has neither been without controversy, nor has it been with any great accomplishment. A mediocre MPP at best, and an uninspiring cabinet minister who hasn't accomplished much in either role, may be the first 905er to lose his seat, especially if the poll numbers stay the way they are.
    11 03 28 J
    Need new blood. Went CPC federally, now its time to change provincially.
    11 03 10 Art
    Takhar’s got the cash to run; rumour is he may call it quits though. If he does it will likely swing PC.

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