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12:22 PM 02/09/2007

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Ontario Provincial Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Progressive Conservative
New Democratic

Mississauga West (58.1%)
Bob Delaney
Mississauga Centre (41.9%)
Hon Harinder S. Takhar

2003 Result (redistributed):

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07 10 01 E M Fax
Not sure what Nick is commenting on ... Mississauga-Erindale has not been TCTC for weeks! Also, Carolyn Parrish does not live in this riding, she lives in Mississauga-South! A few months ago the Mississauga News reported that she has applied for membership in the PC Party in the South. David Brown needed a strong central campaign to win here and that has not happened. Harinder will be back for another term.
07 10 01 Nick J Boragina
Why predict a riding TCTC just because no one has commented?. This riding will go Liberal for sure. There are other ridings in Mississauga that will go PC before this one does, such as South and Streetsville. This riding might not be a Liberal Lock, but at a time when we could be looking at a unprecedented 2 liberal majorities in modern times, then ridings like this will continue to vote for the government. Carolyn Parish, the next Mayor of Mississauga, calls this riding home. She has not said a word in favour of the Liberals that has made the newspaper – this has helped the Liberal campaign in the area immensely
07 09 23 RyanOntario
Well find it kinda odd so little has been said about this riding so far. This area is more a swing area and previous elections back that fact up, especially at the provincial level.
this race seems like a Harinder Takhar vs David Brown match as other parties have never run strong in peel. won't make an actual prediction here will have to see what happens in final weeks.
07 09 02 A.S.
Harinder Takhar's rather cloudy cabinet history is enough to guarantee the PCs will gun for him but good; but, this being the 905, if Miss-Erindale goes, it'll go generically rather than targeted-specifically. Incidentally, the pattern thus far with pre-election polling is that the Liberals are holding their most ground in 905-belt seats--but it's in the 905 where things can do a 180 most dramatically. Whatever the case, a belwether.

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