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10:37 AM 28/03/2007

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Calgary-Nose Hill
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Ablonczy, Diane
Hajj, Tony
Newman, Anoush
New Democratic
Sundberg, Stephanie

Diane Ablonczy

2006 Result:
Diane Ablonczy **
Ted Haney
Bruce Kaufman
Juliet Burgess

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08 02 04
Ablonczy has been appointed as a Cabinet Minister - lock the win up for Ablonczy.
08 02 03 A.S.
Maybe the most amiable of the Class-of-93 Reformers remaining, Ablonczy's been redistributed ever further into the Calgarian periphery; but that's basically going from blue into blue. Sure, bits of this just might now go Liberal red provincially (as they did in the early 90s); but federally, under Harper's shadow, forget it. Sorry, Schnozzola Hill Tory-haters, but dem's da conditions dat prevail...
07 09 11 Nick J Boragina
Ablonczy just got a juicy promotion recently from her boss, the Prime Minister, a fellow Calgarian. Add to that the fact that Calgary voted big C and small c conservative, and you have the perfect formula for an overwhelming victory, no math needed.
07 08 14 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
Diane Ablonczy was starting to look like the Conservative version of John Never-Had-A-Cabinet-Seat-But-I'm-Not-Bitter Nunziata, but that's no more. This long overdue promotion will certainly help her profile in the riding. Not like she ever needed it, she had this riding in the bag already! We say she takes the riding with over 70% of the vote.
07 03 25 GM
Diane Ablonczy is running again and should easily score 35,000 votes one more time. All of Calgary is a Conservative lock.

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