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10:33 AM 02/04/2007

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Cypress Hills-Grasslands
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Anderson, David
Clary, Bill
Filson, Duane
New Democratic
Wilson, Scott

David Anderson

2006 Result:
David Anderson **
Mike Eason
Bill Caton
Amanda Knorr

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08 02 16 A.S.
A little incredible to consider that the winning Reform share in 1993 was barely half the current CPC percentage (hey, even Alberta-bordering Saskers were tentative then). Anyway, on top of everything, it's Premier Wall's riding as well...
07 04 02 M. Lunn
This riding was going Conservative even back in the days of Tommy Douglas so this has always been a strong conservative riding, more akin to Alberta and North Dakota than Saskatchewan, even before the Tories dominated Saskatchewan. Likewise I don't expect David Anderson's stance on the Wheat Board to hurt him as much as it might hurt other Saskatchewan MPs since the strongest support for the dual marketing system is amongst farmer near the Canada-US border where it is often cheaper to sell across the border as opposed to one's further North who would have a tougher time without the Wheat Board.
07 03 27 Nick J Boragina
With the largest margin for any tory in Saskatchewan in the last election, David Anderson will have no trouble in doing a repeat. This is a blue riding that votes right-wing, it will continue to do so, tory win.

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