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Federal Election - 2007

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New Democratic
Alli, Mohamed
Hoeppner, Candice
Howatt, Charlie
Klassen, Ted
Christian Heritage
Lodder, Len

Brian Pallister

2006 Result:
Brian Pallister **
Garry McLean
Daren Van Den Bussche
Charlie Howatt
David Reimer

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08 10 08 R.O.
Updating my post the conservatives found a new candidate to replace Brian Pallister who retired that being Candice Hoeppner who won a competitive nomination. Giving the ridings political history she clearly has the advantage here over the challengers. As this is one of the most conservative ridings in Manitoba.
08 02 25 A.S.
Maybe it's not all that surprising that Pallister's retiring, given how he seems to have retreated more into the parliamentary woodwork than his past PC leadership run might have foretold. Still, this is a seat where his nearest 2006 opponent scored an Albertan 11.4% of the vote. It'll only be the MP switching, not the party, I'll tell you that.
08 02 18 R.O.
Conservative mp Brian Pallister has announced he will not be running again and this was considered a surprise. Well the riding is not likely to change hands since the liberal and ndp vote has been so low. It does present a challenge to find a new candidate, as time could be limited and finding one as high profile is Brian Pallister might not be easy. But as long as a good candidate is found the riding stays cpc.
07 09 18 Nick J Boragina
I like the part of the last commentator, where he says Ďand itís too late to replace himí as the only way the CPC would lose. Heís dead on the money, the only way that the CPC could lose is if they did not run a true candidate here. Add to that a strong candidate in Pallister, who tried to spear-head the merger, but failed at the time, and you have the makings of a true-blue riding.
07 06 08
Well the Reform won this riding (or at least part of what it is now) against the Liberals in 1993 so unless Pallister goes out and kills someone and its too late to replace him as a candidate theyre going to win with ~65% of the votes.
07 03 29 M. Lunn
The strongest Conservative riding outside of Alberta. Brian Pallister will rack up massive majorities. The only question is will he as he did in 2004 and 2006 be the Conservatives' best showing outside Alberta.

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