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Federal Election - 2006

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Rick Casson
Michael Cormican
Howard Forsyth
Andrea Sheridan
Christian Heritage
Marc Slingerland
Melanee Thomas

Rick Casson

2004 Result:
Rick Casson
Ken Nicol
Melanee Thomas
Erin Marie Matthews
Ken Vanden Broek
Dustin Sobie

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10 01 06 Matt
The Liberals have given up on this riding, after trying a popular candidate last time. The NDP candidate is strong, but hasn't a snowball's chance in Jamaica of coming even close. The Green Party candidate doesn't appear to even have a website. That being said, the latest comments were dead wrong in terms of Lethbridge's "Mormon majority." According to the 2001 census, 21.8% cited 'no religion,' while merely 8.6% cited 'Mormon' as their religion. This is a university town that has elected liberals provincially, and its population swamps the small Morman towns in the riding (eg. Cardston). Federally, yes, it goes conservative.
01 12 05 U of L grad student
I'm a student here, not registered to vote in this riding, but certainly able to comment on it. The day that a Mormon majority, rural, ultra-uber-conservative riding such as Lethbridge goes Liberal, is the day that the Bloc Quebecois cease to exist. Its pretty much pointless (and a waste of resources) for any of the other parties to run a candidate here.
25 07 05 Leslie S
This riding was one by an absolutely huge margin over a popular challenger last election. With little liberal support in Lethbridge, and almost none in the countryside, this riding will stay Rick's until he retires.
04 05 05 Nick Boragina
Rural Alberta, Conservative Incumbant, history of electing right-wing MP's since the 1920's...
The question is not so much who will win, but who else even can win?
Dead on with the earlier prediction, if the tories can beat a strong liberal here, they can do much better against just some guy. simple win.
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
If Rick Casson could beat popular MLA Ken Nicol by almost 40 points, I don't think there is anything the liberals could do to win this riding. This riding includes most of the provincial riding of Cardston-Taber-Warner, which was won by the Alberta Alliance who are even more right wing than the Conservatives, so this is right wing territory. The Liberals only won Lethbridge East due to vote splitting on the right which won't be an issue federally.

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