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Edmonton-Spruce Grove
Federal Election - 2006

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Rona Ambrose
Brad Enge
John Lackey
Jason Rockwell

Rona Ambrose

2004 Result:
Rona Ambrose
Neil Mather
Hayley Phillips
Jerry Paschen

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07 12 05 Colin Broughton
Rona is educated, intelligent, and emotionally mature. She may indeed be a "media darling", but that is in large part because she knows how to present herself. Many within the Conservative Party see Rona as potential leadership material.
This is a quality candidate running in a solidly Conservative riding. I am going to stick my neck out and predict that Rona will win with 50% of the vote.
29 11 05 John
I have to disagree with Old White Man on Rona Ambrose not sending out any mailings. I moved into the riding about half a year ago and have received one mailing from Rona.
Whether this can be compared with the frequency of mailings that Anne McLellan has in Edmonton Centre is something I am not in a position to comment on. I haven't lived in the riding long enough to see a track record, and Rona hasn't been in office as long as McLellan has.
All that said, I think the riding will go Conservative again. It's not one of the more hotly contested ridings like Edmonton Centre or Edmonton Strathcona. And the Conservatives do enjoy a strong margin of support in the province.
28 11 05 Peter
Ambrose will likely win because it is a Conservative area. She seems to be the Ottawa media darling, nothing much more. She's almost never in the riding, and seems to be a glamour girl with little substance. Her future is very limited.
26 10 05 Nick Boragina
How can you say the MP is not known. Rona Ambrose is perhaps the best known new MP. She is also a Conservative rising star. Comparing this to the provincial results does not work, look at other provinces for proof of this, and alberta too. Easy conservative win.
05 11 05 hatman
Another suburban Edmonton riding. This one includes a large rural area west of the city, which in Alberta means ultra-conservative. It would surprise me if Rona Ambrose, who is now an established MP does not win this by more than 20,000 votes. The Liberals will however finish 2nd.
02 08 05 old white man
I recently moved into the riding from Edmonton Centre. The MP is neither an excellent representative or one of the best new MP's. There is no information delivered to households like Ann McLellan does in her riding. You hear absolutely nothing from the MP.
No one really knows whether she is socially less conservative than Stephen Harper. In fact she seems to follow the narrow minded approach based upon many of her public comments. Citizens should be offended by her derogatory comments about "old white men". Voters should take action against her party's child care position. It really does not provide any choice. When my wife and I raised our children, her proposal would not have been an alternative. It is more about the redistribution of dollars.
Her representation is neither adequate nor competent. We should be concerned about an MP who defends her leader by stating that she likes to party and go out dancing.
The last provincial election questions the theory that the riding is solidly conservative. I would suggest that many Alberta ridings continue to mindlessly elect Reform?Alliance?Conservative candidates as a protest vote more than anything. Protest votes continue to perpetuate themselves because of no viable, reasonable alternatives.
For example, in Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert, 48.2% of the voters cast progressive ballots and did not vote conservative. The AA/SC candidates received less than 7%.
For example, in Stony Plain, 37.9% of the voters cast progressive ballots and did not vote conservative. The AA/SC candidates received less than 18%.
Viable, reasonable candidates bring forward your platforms. I look forward to the next election, which by the way is probably less than 6 months away. So wake up voters.
14 05 05 Bear and Ape
Besides the fact that this is a solidly Conservative riding, Rona Ambrose has proven to be an excellent MP, and probably one of the best new MPs elected last year.
03 05 05 initial
Unfortunately for the liberals, Rona Ambrose has been a competent MP for the riding over the last half year. She seems to be much less socially conservative than Stephen Harper and this should help her in the portion of the riding in Edmonton. That being said, even without the sponsorship scandal she would probably win easily anyway.
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
Spruce Grove and Stony Plain are solid Conservative areas and the Edmonton portion will go Conservative as it did last time out of anger at the liberals. It is a good thing Anne McLellan lost that portion of her riding or else had the old boundaries of Edmonton West been preserved she would have lost her seat in 2004. Besides Rona Ambrose has shown herself to be a capable MP and will almost certainly be a cabinet member should the Conservatives win the next election.

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