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Calgary Southeast
Federal Election - 2006

Constituency Profile

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Gus Gutoski
Jason Kenney
Eric Leavitt
James Ludwar

Jason Kenney

2004 Result:
Jason Kenney
Jim Tanner
Brian Pincott
George Read

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16 07 05 hatman
This is a seat where Liberals have a history of being hated. They always finished third, whether it was behind the NDP or the PC's. Well, they have moved up to second in 2004 but this is the most Conservative riding in Calgary, so they lost my nearly 30,000 votes. That is just a huge number. Too much to overcome for the next century I bet. It seems that long since the Liberals won here anyways.
14 05 05 Bear and Ape
Both of us will raise a glass to Miles Lunn's comment that "Jason Kenney is a loudmouth redneck"! He has the distinction of being out least favorite non-seperatist MP. Despite our personal feelings, he seems to be well liked in his riding and will without a doubt win with a massive majority. At least he gives us someone to boo when he stands to speak ;)
10 05 05 Nick Boragina
Jason Kenny was the mouthpeace of the alliance during the Day Days (pun intended) and has been a frontbencher ever since. He's the deputy house leader, and is always making media apperences, especailly on CBC's Politics broadcast. Dare I say he's on TV more often then any other member, with the possible exception of the Leader and the Deputy Leader. Anyone who can win his riding with a majority of votes being the gap is surly able to be re-elected.
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
As much as I think Jason Kenney is a loudmouth redneck, he is not going to lose this riding. He got over 70% last time around which is better than some Rural Alberta ridings so he will easily be re-elected and unfortunately be a cabinet or shadow cabinet member. This is always the part of Calgary where right wing parties do the best and next election should be no different.
26 04 05 Yes
In my Mind this will be an easy win for Jason Kenny and the Conservatives. This affluent suburban riding has been prime Tory territory. In 2004 Kenny garnered over 71% of the vote; his closes comparator Liberal Jim Tanner only received 17% of the vote. That is a 54% lead, and it would be crazy to thing that he could loose that. Last election Kenny even received ore votes than Harper (71% vs. 68%) did in Calgary South West.

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