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Ontario Provincial Election - 2007

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New Democratic
Progressive Conservative

Vaughan-King-Aurora (100%)
Hon Greg Sorbara

2003 Result (redistributed):

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07 10 05 Observer
The last conservative elected here was Al Paladini, who everybody liked, and he might have been able to win here, but I doubt it. Any WEERASINGHE is a pal-a-mine, no not really catchy is it?
07 10 01 Nick J Boragina
This election will mark the point when Vaughan becomes the strongest Liberal riding in the province. The demographics will provide for that. Add a subway, the next Liberal leader in Sorbara, and a strong history, and you get even more weight for the Liberals
07 09 28 Citizen
Sorbara is a strong candidate with a long and successful run in politics. The other candidates have little background or substance in comparison.
07 09 18 The Jackal
Basically the second in command of this government lose here. No chance.
07 09 16 A.S.
It only gets safer and safer for Greg Sorbara--the way Vaughan's drawn now, it would have been the sole Liberal seat in the 905 through the entire Mike Harris regime, never mind Sorbara's own byelected half-term. Against nominal opposition, so what if he's had funny machine-politics stuff looming around him, so what if his daughter's in Dragonette, so what to all of that--forget Mike Harris: John Tory would have to whip up a *Leslie Frost*-scaled majority to gain this one...
07 05 05 M. Lunn
It is not only Greg Sorbora's popularity that will ensure he holds this, the riding boundaries also ensure it stays Liberal no matter what. This use to hold King and Aurora which are more conservative than Vaughan. Those two sections are now gone as is the chance of a Tory comeback.
07 04 26 Andrew Cox
Liberal Hold.
1) Greg Sorbara has a high profile, energy, a top notch political machine, deep pockets, fundraising prowess, power as Finance Minister, and a background of coming from a family that employed a number of the voters in this constituency over the years.
2) He's extending the TTC subway right to the heart of Vaughn.
3) The normally pro-transit NDP opposes building that subway.
4) And to top it off, people can actually feel pathos for him after he was forced to step down during an RCMP investigation that was found to be unwarranted, and he was restored to office. Wow. And people say Ontario politics is boring.
07 03 24 Angry Ontarian
Despite that the PC's should win back a handful of 905 seats, I don't see Vaughan being one of them. Greg Sorbara is too high-profile. Should be a Liberal hold. But who knows...even former Finance Minister Janet Ecker didn't hang on last time.

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