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Ontario Provincial Election - 2007

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Family Coalition
New Democratic
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Mississauga West (71.1%)
Bob Delaney
Brampton West-Mississauga (28.9%)
Vic Dhillon

2003 Result (redistributed):

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07 10 07 Mississauga resident
I see a posting on this site where someone needs to check their facts. It concerns me when I see that someone's good name and reputation can be so easily tarnished with outright lies. Regarding the Michael Colle/grants situation Mr. Bob Delaney was cleared by - Ontario's Auditor General 3 times in its report - as well on 2 occassions by Ontario's Integrity Commissioner.
When a candidate such as Ms. Nina Tangri has lost 3 elections in the past (lost 2 federal and 1 provincial election) one can assume that the public have decided that they already don't trust her to represent them.
07 10 07 Nick J Boragina
First of all I want to disagree with anyone who says that a multiple loser can not win an election. They should read about a man called John Diefenbaker. He eventually won an election or two. As for this riding, it contains streetsville, where right-wing mayor Hazel McCallion is from. Perhaps that’s a reason why people think that the PC Party will win here. If so, they are mistaken. People keep referencing Colle, but in his own riding even being Colle wont make him lose, just being associated with him wont mean a thing. I don’t know how this riding became a story between Nina and Colle, the two of them have nothing to do with the result – the people who do are John Tory and Dalton Mcgunity. Mississauga and the Peel region are a bellwether between those two parties. The only thing you can count on is the NDP will not win. While a PC-Lib bellwether, the region did not elect a single NDP MPP during the Rae years. There is no reason that Delaney wont get re-elected. Liberals for the win.
07 09 29 NS
There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever - Delaney in a walk. The fact that the Conservative Party even considered ‘Strike Out Nina’ is proof that they know this one isn't even worth their time. Tory is slipping in the polls, and Nina is bringing down his average. Liberal hold in a breeze.
07 09 19 Marshall Howard Bader
My guess is this one will go Tory. The NDP candidate Gail McCabe is a renegade within her own party who hates Catholics and especially the publicly funded Catholic school system which many of the students of this riding attend.
07 09 05 Nina 2 Lose
If anyone actually thinks that permaLoser Nina Tangri has a shot at this riding, they need to have their head read.
The slush fund scandal only matters to those who are politically aware - news clippings in the mailboxes of residents isn't going to make much of a difference. Nina is not a good candidate because she's a regular loser; it has nothing to do with her credentials. She may be successful in her business and on the board of the Credit Valley Hospital, but c'mon, this woman can't win an election.
Word inside Ontario PC Headquarters is that they are already writing this riding off as a Liberal hold ... why throw good money to support a bad candidate? Doesn't make sense. And if my sources inside PCPO HQ are right, Nina is a solitary sinking ship.
Delaney is not great, but he's done enough to secure re-election.
07 09 04 Marto
Allan K/ Buddy: What I am trying to get accross is - If the Tories are smart in this riding - the ColleGate Scandal is going to be a factor. All the Tories and/or NDP need to do in this riding is send around some of the news clippings including those with Delaney's defence in them - and let the voters make an informed choice (and get rid of Delaney).
07 08 22 J Seabrook
Delaney's exposure in the Colle-gate slush fund affair will not help him.
Did the Auditor General say that Delaney was exonerated? No. Did the
Premier? No. The news release posted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation
relating to Delaney's use of taxpayers' dollars is eye-popping. Did the Premier defend Delaney? No. With Delaney?s denials sounding more like Bart Simpson in panic mode, look to see a seat change in this riding - Buddy.
07 08 19 A.S.
Bob Delaney was Peel Region's only 50% Liberal in '03--a superlative lost through redistribution. And the scale of his win (and Nina Tangri's loss) was skewed, anyway, by this being the only seat in Peel where the Tory incumbent--John Snobelen--wasn't running. As it stands, Miss-Streetsville is as generically 'available' to the Tories as anything Liberal-held within its environs, i.e. if 2003's Liberal wave is followed by a 2007 counter-wave, this'll go with the flow. And so what if Nina Tangri's a multiple-time loser; so were local Mike Harris Tories like Carl DiFaria and Raminder Gill--of course, they reverted to multi-time loserdom post-Harris, but them's the breaks...
07 08 16 Alan K
I'm sorry, but didn't a judiciary panel or something exornerate Mr. Delaney of wrongdoing in the Colle affair? I thought in this country, once you're proven innocent you're no longer guilty. No sale, buddy.
07 08 07 Marto
Bobby Delaney is in trouble here. His link to the Mike Colle grants could lead to his demise - Tory pick up.
07 07 05 Alan K
The Tories are running Nina Tangri for like the umpteeth time. No way a multiple time loser like her could win, Delaney'll smoke her. She makes Wajid Khan look like a shoo-in!
07 03 26 Alan K
Bob Delaney will win here. That announcement of a new GO Station on Lisgar has tremendous appeal to those who commute to Toronto and back. The Tories may put up a fight, but they won't win. Liberal hold.

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