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10:38 AM 28/03/2007

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Red Deer
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Bedford, Evan
Dreeshen, Earl
Marks, Garfield
New Democratic
Somerville, Stuart

Bob Mills

2006 Result:
Bob Mills **
Kelly Bickford
Luke Kurata
Tanner Wade Waldo

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08 02 12 R.O.
Longtime mp Bob Mils announced his retirement this week in Otttawa. he has been mp for this riding since 1993 .
so the question now is who will the new conservative candidate be for this riding as the nomination is now available .
08 02 11 A.S.
With no opponents cresting 10% last time, Red Deer is true Tory bedrock. And as it's the former provincial political base of Stockwell ‘Flintstones was a documentary’ Day, I *do* mean Bedrock.
07 09 12 Nick J Boragina
Many voters in this riding were upset after the last election. Not at their MP, but at their Prime Minister. Bob Mills, the MP here, was the environment critic for the Alliance. He was always on TV saying that Kyoto is bunk, and we should dump more CO2 into the air. While most Canadians think that’s crazy, in places like this, they nod their head and agree. Mills is very popular locally and could make a real go at it as an independent. As the official CPC candidate, he’s got this one wrapped up before it even begins.
07 03 25 Ancastarian
A rural Alberta riding - guaranteed slam-dunk for the Conservatives.

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