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2:21 PM 17/04/2007

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élection générale (Canada) - 2007

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Canada, Mark
Bloc Québécois
Lévesque, Yvon
New Democratic
Martin, Erica
Matte, Jean-Maurice
Rancourt, Patrick

Yvon Lévesque

2006 Résultats:
Yvon Lévesque **
Armand Caouette
Gilles Gagnon
Dominique Vaillancourt
Pierre M. Denis

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08 04 20 binriso
Its probably going to be a result like: BQ ~35-40% and the other 3 parties around 20 or so, but if the NDP strong candidate can run a good campaign and take more of the native votes and if the election is a while away yet and the CPC can pull a few more % out of the Bloc and the Liberals drop a huge number of %, then the NDP might win here but i doubt it. Probably theyll be fighting for 2nd with the CPC and the Liberals a ways back from the BQ.
08 02 28 Suaveman
Man, too many comments from people not living in Quebec.
Saganash is a phenomenon: extremely well-respected by the many aboriginal nations in this riding and academics alike, Saganash will pull major votes (a great bulk being previously abstensions in some first nations commuinities) from all over.
In the event of Saganash being nominated, the groundswell would create the second NDP pickup in this province. The Bloc would be the only competition.
08 02 10 A.S.
Re Martin beating Harper here, remember that Liberal candidate Armand Caouette carried some personal political heritage and following--though even without Caouette, the Grits would have been buoyed by the First Nations vote. Now, rumours that Cree leader Romeo Saganash might run for the NDP throw an extra wrinkle into things--but all in all, it just provides a cleaner slate for the Bloc.
07 10 24 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
Unless the Liberals can convince StJulien again they don't have a prayer. They have collapsed pretty much completly in rural Quebec. The native community won't vote CPC, so it's unlikely they'll get a shot here, though they'll do much better with the sizable Francophone community.
07 10 03 T.V.
With the polls the way they are, the Bloc is way down and the other parties are splitting up the pieces. This will definitely be a close riding, though it's hard to say who will win. While the Liberals aren't likely to pick up many, they might have a good chance here due to the peculiarities of a northern remote riding. Remember that this is the only remote Far North riding in the country not voting Liberal or NDP.
07 09 12 Nick J Boragina
Even last election, when the Tories did very well in the province and the Liberals did so poorly, Martin was able to beat Harper in this riding. Even combined, the two would not have beat the Bloc, signal of a Bloc win in the next election.
07 08 13
This could be winnable by the CPC but i think there are too many natives and too strong a nationalist sentiment in order for them to win. BQ will probably hold this by a decreased margin but it certainly is possible for a CPC win if the Liberal vote declines enough.
07 04 09 Brian Appel
Northern riding with a strong nationalist trend. Easy Bloc hold.

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