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Blaine Calkins
Peter Crossley
Jim Graves
Tom Lampman

Dale Johnston

2004 Result:
Dale Johnston
Rick Bonnett
Tim Robson
Tom Lampman
Brent McKelvie

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17 09 05 M. Lunn
Dale Johnston is not running again, but that is really irrelevant as this is Rural Alberta and will always go Conservative or for other right wing parties which don't exist at the moment. I disagree with the earlier post that says he missed being in government, since the Conservatives likely won't win this time around, although they probably will someday form the government as people get tired of the liberals and it finally dawns on them that choosing social conservatives, neo-conservatives, and hard right wing ideologues makes them unelectable so they will choose someone more moderate.
11 07 05 Nick Boragina
This is not exactly the "best tory riding" in the nation. This is a growing suburban riding, and these areas tend to be more willing to turn Liberal then traditional rural areas. While this won’t make much of a difference in the coming election, this is one riding that, in the next few decades, could be a Liberal win.
21 05 05 D. McDonald
Incumbent MP Dale Johnston is retiring, and the Tories have chosen a 36-year-old candidate named Blaine Calkins to replace him. Calkins will probably carry 75-80% of the vote in this loyal Conservative riding, simply because he is the Conservative candidate. Wetaskiwin is one of the safest Tory seats in Canada, and it will remain Blue. Hopefully, this time the Tory MP gets to be a government MP, something which Mr. Johnston unfortunately never was.

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