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Calgary Northeast
Federal Election - 2006

Constituency Profile

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Art Hanger
Jaswinder S. Johal
Trung Nguyen
Tyler Ragan
Ron Sanderson

Art Hanger

2004 Result:
Art Hanger
Dale Muti
Giorgio Cattabeni
Morgan DuFord
Steve Garland

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12 12 05 Aman
This is a very interesting riding. This is the most ethnically diverse riding in Alberta but nevertheless it goes for one of those far-rightwing candidates. If Calgary, were not so loyal to the Tory Party Hanger wouldn’t stand a Fighting Chance. Now on the other side is the Jaswinder (something). He was the head of the Sikh Temple in Martindale, and was involved in a similar scandal, as were the Grewals. So his chances of taking the Sikh vote are limited. So basically you have two very unpopular candidates trying to win of just the party name.
16 07 05 hatman
Suburban Calgary = Conservative wasteland. Held by the Provinciall PC's, and by the federal Conservatives - nothing will change in 2005/6 barring a complete disaster. The closest the Liberals have come to winning this recently was in 1993, when Reform was new, and the Liberals won in a landslide. Neither are truths now, so this riding will go Conservative again.
04 06 05 A.S.
Art Hanger's one of those embodiments of 1993-generation Reformness, for better or worse--but he surely must be doing something right, if he keeps getting reelected by massive backlash-less margins within the most multicult/Asian-friendly corner of Calgary. No wonder urban Central Canadians find Alberta so hard to figure out...
10 05 05 Nick Boragina
Art Hanger is one of the more well known MP's from Calgary, he's been around since the days of the Reform Party, and is familiar with being re-elected. With the tories on then verge of government, and the traditions of this riding, I predict a Hanger victory.
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
Art Hanger is one of your right wing traditional reform rednecks. Nevertheless this is Calgary which always votes Conservative even if they don't support the wacko views of some of the candidates.

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