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12:24 PM 29/12/2005

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Calgary East

Patrick Arnell
Jason Devine
Canadian Action
Ghazanfar Khan
Deepak Obhrai
John Mark Taylor
Dobie To

Constituency Profile

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Deepak Obhrai

2004 Result:
Deepak Obhrai
James Maxim
Elizabeth Thomas
Dean Kenneth Christie
Jason Corey Devine

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28 12 05 Jon
Mr. Obhrai has it made this election. In Fact...He could stay home...Twiddle his thumbs...and have it made. In 2004 Maxim(lib) was high profile, signs everywhere...billboards, mail outs - the works! He still lost with less than half of the vote...This time the Liberal Candidate is completely invisible. Watch for Mr. Obhrai to stroll back to Ottawa!
16 07 05 hatman
As much as I like the NDP, I can't say this will go for them. Not by a long shot, they will finish a distant third. The NDP does not even hold any seats in the entire City of Calgary provincially. Since this riding was created, the closest anyone has come to Deepak Obhrai was 6,000 votes- and that was for the Progressive Conservatives! Paint this one blue.
15 06 05 hatman
Part of this riding went Liberal in 1968. Boy did that scare them, as it hasnt been close ever since. Deepak Obhrai will get the ethnic vote, instead of the Liberals who get it in most other cities. Translation? Conservative victory. Maxim was 14,000 votes behind. Not even a total collapse of the Conservatives will change anything.
10 05 05 Nick Boragina
Obhrai is popular amongst the minority community, especially in this urban setting. Calgary is a bigtime conservative city, it's leftists are split amongst three parties, Calgary is one of the highest polling Green areas, if not THE highest. I cant see anyone else winning.
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
Although based on the demographics alone and the fact it is an urban riding makes it look like a liberal riding, this is Calgary which is far more conservative than any other Canadian city. This means the Conservatives will win this riding easily. Not to mention Deepak Obrhai is well liked amongst the ethnic communities. He will probably be the next Multiculturalism minister should the Conservatives win.

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