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Charles Doucet
David Hackett
Camille Labchuk
Brian Murphy
Canadian Action
Ron Pomerleau

Hon. Claudette Bradshaw

2004 Result/Résultats:
Claudette Bradshaw
Jean LeBlanc
Hélène Lapointe
Judith Hamel

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14 01 06 Emmanuel Caron
Some people seem to underestimate to which extent Claudette Bradshaw was immensely popular in Moncton. Had the Liberals presented any other candidate from 1997 to 2004, they would have won anyway but the margin would have been much smaller, and had she run again this year she would have won again. But with the Conservatives running a Francophone candidate against an Anglophone Liberal candidate, Acadians are massively switching to the Conservative Party in addition to the Conservatives benifiting from national momentum, and this results in a much closer race that will be won by Charles Doucet.
11 01 06 Fodor
I can't see why anyone would this this riding will be close. Moncton/Dieppe has a large percentage of Francophone voters. Francophones outside Quebec have always been suspicious of the Reform/Alliance/Conservative attitude towards bilingualism and bilingual services. This will stay Liberal for sure.
26 12 05 td
I think this is another close riding that is going to be etched out by the Liberals, I think that Brian Murphy will get in more because of the Claudette Bradshaw factor than anything else.
22 11 05 Brian C.
This riding has been Liberal from 1979-84, 1988-present. 22 of the past 26 years. I would hardly put it in the undecided column just because Claudette Bradshaw is no longer running. Whoever wins the Liberal nomination will almost certainly be the next MP. All signs are pointing to popular former Moncton mayor Brian Murphy to carry the Liberal banner. He would be a formidable opponent at the best of times, and the no-name Conservative that has been nominated is no match for Murphy or any other high-profile Liberal. Barring unforeseen disaster, this riding can most certainly be considered a safe Liberal seat.
18 11 05 M. Lunn
I agree Claudette Bradshaw's decision not to run again will hurt the Liberals, but not enough to hand this to either the Tories or NDP. The margin of victory is simply way too large for one to overcome unless there was a seismic shift in public opinion, which hasn't happened, or someone like Bernard Lord was the Conservative candidate (which won't happen after losing the Saint John Harbour by-election and only having a one seat majority provincially).
18 11 05 Neal
I think we need to take this out of the Liberal column for the moment, but it's not yet time to hand it over to anyone else.
Now that Claudette Bradshaw has announced she will not run, we can eliminate the personal loyalty factor from the equation. For the first time in years, there'll be a race in Moncton.
29 05 05 A.S.
Claudine Bradshaw + a vital urban-Acadian element helps the current situation, but Moncton didn't seem so "safest Liberal" a generation ago--remember how Dennis Cochrane swept in w/the Mulroney PC landslide in 1984; and moreover, remember that Moncton Mayor Len Jones, running as an independent on a proto-Confederation of Regions anti-bilingual platform, won in 1974. But that was definitely "once upon a time"; the "Len Jones" demo, in particular, has died off or dispersed or been redistributed away. Now, it'll take an act of our Lord *ahem* for the Tories to stand any kind of threat here. Of course, what'd really be freaky in the long run would be a death-match race here btw/federal Liberal leader Frank McKenna and federal CPC leader Bernard Lord...
12 05 05 DS
Claudette Bradshaw is personally popular to an overwhelming degree in her hometown, which is Liberal by disposition in any event. Regardless of who the other parties come up with to run against her, the Moncton seat is Claudette's for as long as she wants it.
12 05 05 B. Cormier
Claudette Bradshaw is a shoo-in. She will win handily. And no, not even Bernard Lord could beat this hard-working long-time community advocate. Her roots are too deep. She is beloved. No one can beat "Mama Moncton", the Minister of Hugs and Kisses. In the past, even big Liberal names (let alone Tories) have mulled running against her for the party nomination because they didn't think she was high-profile enough. They all backed off because they would have lost the nomination against this powerhouse grassroots politician. She owns this seat. Period.
09 05 05 M. Lunn
This is probably the safest liberal riding in New Brunswick and possibly all of Atlantic Canada. Claudette Bradshaw will win again easily. The only way the Tories could capture this is to have Bernard Lord as their leader and have him run in this riding. Due to the riding's past, I suspect he would run in the neighbouring riding of Fundy if he becomes the next leader so he wouldn't have to worry about his own riding and could focus on the national campaign. Even provincially, this went liberal up until 1999 and the liberals will likely re-take all the Moncton ridings once Bernard Lord is no longer premier.
04 05 05 full name
Safe seat. If worse comes to worse for the Liberals, Bradshaw just may be the last Liberal left standing in New Brunswick on election night.
03 05 05 Nick Boragina
I dont know what it is, party politics, urban settings, the candidates, but the Liberals have swept the tri-city area time and time again since their 1993 sweep of the atlantic. Jean LeBlanc, perhaps the strongest tory candidate in the province in terms of personal ability and skill was the loser last time round here, now he's on the CPC's executive. There is no one the tories could put up here who could win, with the exception of the preimier, but that's another story for another time...

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