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Federal Election - 2006

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Edward Guergis
Ron Matsusaki
Joe McGuire
Michael Nesbitt
Regena Kaye Russell

Hon. Joe McGuire

2004 Result:
Joe McGuire
Reg Harper
Regena Kaye Russell
Irené Novaczek

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15 01 06 RP.
This isn't so much a Conservative prediction as a "don't count them out here." Edward Guergis has been campaigning like a trojan. To answer the poster below, ever provincial riding here is PC. Ridings like this could swing when they see that a CPC gov't is inevitable. Joe McGuire does a good job but I think people are most impressed with the fed $$$ he brings in, which people will think will dry up if they elect an opposition MP. Harper is coming to PEI this week, most likely because he feels he can pick up a few seats here (my guesses for most likely, Egmont and Charlottetown).
23 12 05 td
If this riding never went PC during the PC sweep of 1984, I don't see how it would go any other way this election but Liberal.
23 05 05 Christopher MacCulloch
This riding is the most Liberal leaning on the island and Nick might correct me on this but I believe they have several provinical ridings. Liberal hold unless the grits start doing badly across the island
03 05 05 Nick Boragina
I lived in this riding for about a decade. Half of this riding in terms of population is the city of Summerside. The CPC, which is seen as more pro-rural and anti-urban then the PCP will have trouble doing well in Summerside, and therefore, the entire riding. To add to that, the western "bulge" of PEI has always been a little 'different' and it's been a historically strong Liberal and even NDP area. This will be a very difficult riding for anyone but the Liberals to win.
02 05 05 M. Lunn
The west end of the island is the strongest part for the liberals. Anyways the liberals will take all the PEI ridings so that really doesn't matter other than the fact the victory will be larger than further to the East.

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