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Federal Election - 2006

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Haida Arsenault-Antolick
Don Gillis
Lawrence MacAulay
Edith Perry

Hon. Lawrence MacAulay

2004 Result:
Lawrence MacAulay
Peter McQuaid
Dave MacKinnon
Jeremy Stiles

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08 12 05 Mike White
A week into the campaign and no Tory is brave enough to face Lawrence MacAulay. Despite Tory dreams, I think even Premier Binns would have trouble regaining the seat he lost to MacAulay back in 1988. The recent poll from Corporate Research Associates shows that MacAulay is as strong as ever. MacAulay should look to do better than he did last time.
21 11 05 Nick Boragina
so binns is NOT running. as I eluded to in my earlier post, he loves to do this, but if he's not running, no one else can win in this riding for the tories. Grit hold.
18 11 05 Nick Boragina
Roumer is that Binns is going to step down and run here. If he does, he will take the riding.
07 05 05 Nick Boragina
At one time, this was the most winnible "tory" riding on the Island, but with the merger, that's no longer so. Rumour at one time was that Pat Binns, the preimier, was going to resign to run here, but that rumour been circulating since 1997, kicking up every time an election draws near, so I dont buy it anymore. MacAulay is popular here, regardless of his past, and he'll win again. It might be closer then some expect, but it wont be a tory win.
07 05 05 RP.
Nothing certain here. Lawrence didn't so much win last time as McQuaid lost. People are upset, especially about the fishery. No guess from me yet.
02 05 05 M. Lunn
Lawrence MacAulay is certainly an MP that has had a fair amount of controversy due to a number of shady deals from the Chretien Era. Also the East End of PEI is where the Tories are traditionally the strongest. However, this is a Red Tory riding that is comfortable with Pat Binns' moderate conservatism, but is uncomfortable with Stephen Harper's more right wing conservatism, which is why it will stay liberal. As done in every election since 1988, the liberals will sweep PEI again.
02 05 05 JC
Liberals will not lose in P.E.I. at all, the Conservatives cannot win anywhere in the province because of their party, I believe this is MacAulay's seat and he'll win again here.

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