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PARKE, Bruce
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New Democratic Party
Erda Walsh

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Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:-18.93%
Area (km2):10282
Pop Density:3.72

Surrounding Ridings:
Columbia River-Revelstoke

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23/02/01 Bernard Schulmann
Another Bill Bennett will be an MLA from the interior (not related). Erda Walsh benefitted greatly from having a strong Reform candidate last. No such luck this time. Look for a better than average green result here.
24/02/01 Michael J. Cooper
Glen Clark lackey and highly unpopular MLA Erda Walsh faces an impossible battle this spring - getting re-elected. For the past five years Walsh's number one priority has been cozying up to union bosses rather than striving to represent the interests of her constituents in Victoria. The people of East Kootenay have been generous to the NDP in the past fourteen years - electing Anne Edwards in 1986 and 1991 and Walsh in 1996. In return they have recieved high taxes, high unemployment, declining communities and ineffective representation. Erda Walsh has been long on rhetoric and short on substance. Her record is one of offering up excuses for NDP mismanagement and corruption. But isn't that the NDP way - make a mess, sweep it under the rug and blame somebody else? Well, Erda Walsh can't avoid accountability forever. The people of East Kootenay will place blame where it belongs - on her shoulder. Erda Walsh would be lucky to get her deposit back, let alone be re-elected.
27/03/01 DMB
Liberal gain - there won't be a vote split to hurt the Liberals this time - the Greens may pick up votes but that will hurt the NDP. All the new types in Fernie aren't likely to vote for the NDP. Egads some of my long lost relatives who have homesteaded in the Elk Valley for 90+ years might actually vote Liberal - anything to get rid of the NDP.
11/04/01 Josef Kunzler Email:
I think that with Erda's background and if she's smart, she'll jump ship. After all-the NDP leadership has been one crook after another AND after reading her bio @ that she'll defect if given the chance, opportunity and a good reason as she prides herself on public service and a sense of duty. Maybe she'll defect to the Greens or maybe beocme an independent. Probably not to the BC Liberals-three strikes against them: ONE, they've already got a candidate and TWO, they're anti-union to the hilt and THREE, the fast-tracking in this legislative session is not helping matters. But don't count them out on having this gem just yet... As I like to say: fortune favors the bold and the BC Liberals most certainly are bold.

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