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Federal Election - 2006

Constituency Profile

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Norbert Kratchmer
Dominic LaPlante
Jim Pankiw
Gerry Ritz
Christian Heritage
Harold Stephan
Elgin Wayne Wyatt

Gerry Ritz

2004 Result:
Gerry Ritz
Shawn McKee
Del Price
Kelsey Pearson
Diane Stephan

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20 01 06 Cory
The Liberals or the NDP should have tried to run someone strong here. Pankiw has the ability to split the right here. If everyone can forget his drunken speeches, parliamentary hate mail and far out ideals he could get 6000 votes. Young Laplante has a bit of a name in the Aboriginal community and could get 1500 votes to top up the loyal Liberal vote. If Laplante withdrew and threw his support to the NDP this would be really fun riding to watch. Low turnout.
Prediction - Ritz - 10000 votes
Laplante - 3600 Votes
Pankiw - 4200 Votes
Waytt - 4000 Votes
Other - 1300 Votes
30 12 05 JT
Jim Pankiw who's track record speaks for itself won't be a huge factor here. The Liberals and NDP aren't even on the radar here. Gerry Ritz will win by at least 60% of the vote.
28 12 05 Derek G.
Gerry Ritz will easily win this riding come January 23. Jim Pankiw may take some rural vote, but the large majority of the voters in this riding know Pankiw is just a joke. Pankiw has made it clear if elected he would not move to the riding, and his voting record or lack of voting record in his last session of Parliament as an Independent show that voters can not count on Pankiw to represent them. If Pankiw failed to vote in his last seesion of Parliament, what makes him thinking voters would support him? Unlike Pankiw, Gerry Ritz has been a great local MP. He has fought hard to scrap the gun registry, voted in favour of the traditional definition of marriage, and works extremely hard to raise the issues and concerns of voters in his riding. This will be an easy win for Gerry Ritz.
26 12 05 JC
This may be a shock but I think Pankiw has a legitimate shot at taking this riding, it's a lot more rural and it's also the riding where his father tried to win the nomination. Pankiw is far more conservative then Gerry Ritz. I have a feeling some voters who are even to the left of pankiw may vote for him just so they don't have another tory who's going to vote with them every single time. I know for sure Pankiw is going to slice into the Tory Vote and It's likely he's going to come 2nd or first.
15 12 05 sure
Jim Pankiw recently decided to run as an Independent. While this could make for some interesting commentary for this riding, it will not affect the result. Gerry Ritz is one of the best kept secrets of the Conservative Party. He is a hard-working MP for his riding, an excellent campaigner, and a damned nice guy to boot. If Jim Pankiw expects to get his 7000+ votes that he received in Saskatoon-Humboldt, he won't. People just don't know him as well in this riding as they did in Saskatoon-Humboldt, where he was a protest vote, and nothing more. Besides, even if he did get 7000 votes, it still means a Conservative win based on 2004 results. Gerry Ritz could well be the next Agriculture Minister, he's that good.
14 12 05 John
Jim Pankiw is in the race. Last time he ran in Saskatoon-Humbolt he swept the rural polls. This constituency is a much more rural based riding and a traditional right-wing stronghold. I predict that Pankiw wins the seat or at least makes it interesting. The Liberals and NDP have no chance. Jim Pankiw is also the most popular individual politician in Saskatchewan.
02 05 05 M. Lunn
This is Rural Saskatchewan, which although historically was competitive between the NDP and Conservatives, today it is solid Conservative territory as the NDP has turned its back on agriculture and rural Canada and focused more on large cities and the union vote. The NDP only really has a shot at regaining a few of the urban seats, they won't regain any rural seats in Saskatchewan.

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