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Brampton West

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2022-05-08 23:31:00

Constituency Profile



Jhajj, Rimmy

Kaur, Navjit

Pardy, David

Sandhu, Amarjot

Sekhon, Manjot

Thornham, Pauline

Amarjot Sandhu

Population (2016):

Population (2011):101757

2018 Election Result: (Prediction Page)


2014 Election Result:
(Transposition courtesy of Kyle Hutton)

11,600 45.99%
5,534 21.94%
6,571 26.05%
586 2.32%
OTHERS 930 3.69%
Total Transposed 25,221
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Brampton West
(100.00% of voters in new riding)
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Kamal Khera **
Murarilal Thapliyal
Navjit Kaur
Jane Davidson
Roger Sampson
Paul Tannahill
Harinderpal Hundal
Anjum Malik

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Kamal Khera
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31/05/2022 Jeremus von Stroheim
Why do the NDP keep visiting this riding? By all regards, they will finish third here, and their effort would be better spent on trying to get an incumbent re-elected. One interesting aspect is the Forum poll, which showed a tight PC/Liberal race, with NDP far back(Brampton North and South also showed the NDP far back, with no riding poll in Brampton East). I guess if the Liberal's do win a Brampton seat, it would be this one, though Highway 413 should keep this in the PC's column.
25/05/2022 Tony Ducey
Could be a seat to watch but I think this seat will stay with the PCs.
27/04/22 Jeremus von Stroheim
I believe this riding has the highest growth rate in the province since 2011, which certainly adds unpredictability, though generally growth does not favour the NDP, which means the riding will shift further from them. A liberal victory through Mississauga would give them this seat too, but that doesn't seem particularity likely, so PC hold.
27/04/22 LeftCoast
I think first-term PC candidate Amarjot Sandhu, who narrowly won in 2018 over the NDP, will lose this seat to nurse and Liberal candidate Rimmy Jhajj. Just like the rest of Peel, the NDP will back down to earth from high vote totals in 2018 and the Liberals will be the primary beneficiary.
11/04/22 A.S.
The sheer untested post-Y2K-newburban quality of Brampton West made it an enigma going into '18, and a metaphor coming out: a pure NDP-PC tug of war where the PCs came out marginally on top, and w/the Lib incumbent a distant-3rd afterthought. If rather than being a one-election wonder, the NDP continues as Brampton's very own non-PC strategic alternative, Navjit Kaur (who ran federally in '19) has an intriguing "female Jagmeet" novelty about her as a turbanned female standard-bearer--well-placed if Team Horwath is poised to add to its strong-woman caucus roster. Or if she falters, it's not about her, it's about her party (as well as the other two parties).
06/04/22 Brampton politics
I agree with other analysts who posted the reviews here. Not a bad performance by Sandhu in this riding. It will be tough riding but based on Sandhu’s performance I will give it to Ontario PC party. I will review it again after watching the performance by other candidates.
31/03/22 Political Analyst
My opinion is that incumbent Sandhu has done a fair job so far representing Brampton West. What i hear from the community is that he's very accessible and genuine person and delivered for Brampton. Liberals and NDP have their candidates in place. I will give this to PC's at this point.
24/03/22 R.O.
Amarjot Sandhu was first elected here in 2018 in a close race against an ndp candidate when long time liberal mpp Vic Dhillion came in 3rd. riding is also near the proposed highway 413 area so an issue that will play out in peel. New ndp candidate is Navjit Kaur and Rimmy Jhajj is liberal candidate. Still early to call this one.
02/09/21 Sam
Again, not a bad performance at all from Sandhu in this riding, but winning by a point has got to mean he's on the defensive. He could still get in on split opposition (reliant on a poorer NDP performance), but it's not as if we could say that for certain.

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