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United Kingdom General Election - 2017

Carshalton and Wallington

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2017-05-06 10:56:24

Constituency Profile



Brake, Tom

Dickenson, Ashley

Ibrahim, Emina

Khan, Shasha

Mattey, Nick

Maxwell Scott, Matthew

The Rt Hon. Tom Brake

2016 EU Referendum (Remain vs. Leave)
43.74 % vs. 56.26 % (Est.)

2015 Election Result
Brake, Tom*
Maxwell Scott, Matthew
Tate, Siobhan
Main-Ian, Bill
Hemingway, Ross
Dickenson, Ashley
177 .4%
Edmonds, Richard
49 .1%
2010 Election Result (2010 Prediction)
Brake, T.A.*
Andrew, K.
Khan, S.I.
Day, F.R.
Lewis, C. Ms.
Dow, G.T.
355 .8%
2005 Election Result (transposed)


07/06/2017 A
One of the few Leave leaning areas in London... Tom Brake's vote share last time was uninspiring, and UKIP standing down should throw this seat to the Tories, given the failure of the Lib Dems' anti Brexit campaign
14/05/2017 Arthur Two Sheds Jackson
A week ago I would have called this riding for the Lib Dems, yet with the close of nominations it is now apparent that there is no UKIP candidate in this riding. Those voters, according to polls that ask where UKIP votes from 2015 are shifting, will go overwhelmingly towards the Tories. This, coupled with the stagnant performance of the Lib Dems in the polls during the campaign, puts this seat into the 'too close to call' column and could very well turn blue on June 8.
03/05/2017 hay sting
Easily held by the LibDems. If they can take this constituency even after their disastrous coalition, they will have little trouble this time out.
30/04/2017 Teddy Boragina
The polls do not say what is claimed by Mr Cox, in fact every poll says the Tories are just about level where they were in London, but the LibDems are up (in some cases, ahead of Labour) in London. All signs point to an easy LD victory here.
27/04/2017 Jack Cox
3.2% Lib Dem win in the last election, the tory surge definitely outruns the Lib-Dem small rise and they should be able to take this.

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