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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2017

Burnaby-Deer Lake

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2017-02-05 11:06:58

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Bowers, Graham

Ishak, Elias

Kang, Anne

McGowan, Rick

Wang, Karen Xiao Bao

Burnaby-Deer Lake
Kathy Corrigan

Population (2014):58195
Deviation from average:9.60%
Geographical Area:14 sq km
2013 Election Result
Burnaby-Deer Lake
Kathy Corrigan*
Shian Gu
Richard (Rick) McGowan
Previous Prediction - 2013 Provincial Election
Previous Prediction - 2009 Provincial Election


06/05/2017 Miles Lunn
While I would give the NDP an edge, lets remember the NDP only won by 5 points and that was with a Corrigan and anybody who knows anything about Burnaby politics knows the Corrigan family name carries a lot of weight. This is why this was the only NDP pick up in the province in the 2009 election, so with no Corrigan on the ballot that just might be enough to swing it back to the BC Liberals. The biggest question will be turnout amongst the Chinese community who tend to heavily lean BC Liberal but have a low turnout so strong turnout amongst them should favour the BC Liberals and poor turnout amongst them the NDP.
21/04/2017 Proud BCer
Even though incumbent NDP MLA Kathy Corrigan (wife of Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan) has decided to retire, this seat should stay in the NDP column. If the BC Liberals have a good election, however, this could possibly be a gain for them as well.
17 03 09 South Islander
Even if residents here are upset about Kinder Morgan, the NDP is ultimately conflicted on pipelines and lost the election last time over that issue - they may not want to beat that drum to hold Burnaby if it means losing the interior and the election. Greens will pry away many anti-pipeline voters worried about a possible flip-flop by the NDP. Kathy Corrigan, wife and namesake of the popular mayor, narrowly beat the late Nuraney in 2009 and still only narrowly held on in 2013. Now open, the seat is up for grabs.
17 01 27 Pundit79
This riding should stay in the BCNDP column considering the Kinder Morgan pipeline issue.
17 01 14 Jack Cox
Kathy Corrigan isn't running in this area again but this is Burnaby and the residents care a lot about the Kinder Morgan pipeline here an issue that doesn't favour the Liberals.

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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2017
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