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Delaney, Bob (Robert)

Sikka, Anju

Tangri, Nina

Vezina, Alexander

Walach, Dave

Bob Delaney


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    14 06 09 A.S.
    Unlike past episodes of EPP, it looks like the Nina Tangri cheering squad is laying down its swords this time around. Oh, the seat's still PC-winnable...under a landlide-majority circumstance that's appearing less and less likely. And, the final mark of non-Liberal doom in 2014: it's Mayor Hazel's home riding.
    Date 14 A.S.
    Evidently, the sorts of EPP posters than used to shill on behalf of Nina Tangri have fallen by the wayside. Right now, it appears that Miss-Streetsville (where you can count the number of non-Liberal 2011 polls on one hand) will only shift in the event of a PC landslide majority--and it doesn't hurt that it's Mayor Hazel's home riding.
    14 05 20 Paul
    Liberals will win. PC, NDP & Green's are all running candidates who have run provincially before and lost. Nothing new or exciting in this riding. Watched the debate on local TV and still nothing. ZZzzzz......
    14 05 18 LB
    Safest liberal seat in Mississauga. Wynne has also made a few stops here which should shore up support. McCallion is also a very influential figure and her endorsement of the liberals should see off any PC swing.
    14 05 16 Art
    2012 Elections Ontario submissions for this riding are very revealing and should be read carefully, for unique fees paid to the Ontario Liberal Party as relating to this candidate. Further, the PC candidate may be a rerun, but her riding president is the past president of a very active and large residents association on the the entire west end of the riding. Obviously, he's not on Delaney's team and the PC signs in that area are a hint unexpected twists and turns, as are the large bank of NDP signs along a major route; a highly fought over sign-war zone. Signs indicate he's very short on helpers. He's in trouble and it isn't just a shortage of money.
    14 05 16 Art
    Peel is the swing zone. PC voters are revving up to vote and Liberal voters are more likely to not vote. Once the debates pound home the billions of dollars in scandals and wastes, expect the PC revving to get much louder out here. Besides if you can't stomach PC, Gore Malton swung NDP in disgust. (Surprise!) Still, Tangri has lost twice already. Yet, Delaney is playing with the weakest bridge hand in the entire region. Jury's out until after the debate. Core PC vote will make or break this one.
    14 05 14 Dr Bear
    Hurricane Hazel endorses Wynn as premier of Ontario. Newest poll has the PCs back down to a tie with the Liberals and have less than favorable numbers for Hudak (or his fire-a-hundred-thousand-public-sector-employees plan). Both of these should bring a smile to Delaney's face. Safest Liberal seat in Mississauga.
    14 05 04 monkey
    This was the PCs worst showing of the Mississauga ridings so unless the PCs sweep the 5 Mississauga (or predominately Mississauga ridings) this should stay Liberal.
    13 07 26 Art
    It remains to be seen, at this point, whether Delaney is even the candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party in the next general election. How much will the fee be next time? Given the other Liberal messes, this riding and others already labelled
    13 04 10 seasaw
    Bob Delaney is popular enough to win this riding on his own merits. Even if we see a total collapse of Liberal vote, I think this one is pretty safe.
    13 04 10
    Bob Delaney is one of the few MPPs to have won 50+% of the vote in the past three elections. With the Conservatives running perennial candidate Nina Tangri, who's sought office countless times and has never put forward even a respectable showing, they don't have the momentum here that it would take to beat an incumbent as entrenched as Delaney.
    13 04 08 seasaw
    Based on past results, we should say advantage Liberals, however, this is the fickle 905, bell weather riding. Judging by history, it could go either way.

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