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UK Independence Party
Brian Goldie
Labour Party
Eric Joyce
Scottish National Party
John McNally
Conservative Party
Katie Mackie
Liberal Democrats
Kieran Leach

Eric Joyce
Falkirk (100 %)


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09 10 13 BBC
Anger over MP constituency office
Eric Joyce has opened a second constituency office in Denny
An MP has defended his decision to open two constituency offices less than six miles apart after opposition parties said it was a waste of taxpayers' cash.
Falkirk West MP Eric Joyce, whose constituency office has been based in the town since his election, has opened a new office in Denny.
The SNP said they had asked the UK parliamentary authorities to investigate the matter.
Mr Joyce said the second office would bring him closer to constituents.
The Labour MP, who was named the UK's most expensive politician this year after his expense claim topped £187,000, has maintained a constituency office in Falkirk's Burnfoot Lane since 2000.
However, in recent weeks a new office has been established in Stirling Street in Denny.
The local SNP group accused Mr Joyce of using taxpayer's money to purchase an ‘advertising site’ in Denny after two large 'Eric Joyce' signs were hung in the town centre.
'Very cheap'
The SNP's local election campaign co-ordinator, David Alexander said it was curious Mr Joyce had chosen to site his new office in a building which is earmarked for demolition, just months before a general election.
He said: ‘For the best part of ten years, Eric Joyce has shown no interest in opening an office in Denny.’
He added: ‘This is a matter the parliamentary authorities must investigate and ensure taxpayers are not being further ripped off at a time of service cut backs brought about by Mr Joyce and his colleagues.’
Mr Joyce said it was precisely because the building was condemned that he had decided to use it as a second base.
He said the decision had been fully discussed and passed by the Commons authorities.
It is understood the MP will pay about £2,000 a year for the Denny office in addition to the £7,500 he pays for his Falkirk office.
He said: ‘I've had a lot of letters from people in Denny and Bonnybridge who want me to have an office nearby.
‘I've not done it in the past because it would have been expensive but now that Denny town centre has been condemned, the new office is very cheap.’
Mr Joyce said he would maintain the office if he was re-elected following the general election.
He added: ‘I intend to be there as long as I'm MP.’
A Scottish Labour spokesperson said: ‘The SNP are guilty of breathtaking hypocrisy. Alex Salmond has two constituency offices, and his colleague Pete Wishart maintains two.’

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