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Edmonton-Spruce Grove

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2009-08-26 14:08:00

Constituency Profile


Ambrose, Rona

Austin, Chris

Chaulk-Stokes, Catherine

Lund, Joshua

Hon. Rona Ambrose

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  • edmonton-southwest (71/212 Polls)
  • edmonton-west (56/240 Polls)
  • st-albert (78/210 Polls)
  • yellowhead (2/219 Polls)
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    11 03 29 M. Lunn
    This has been the Tories best showing of the Edmonton ridings in the past three elections so expect Rona Ambrose to be easily re-elected.
    09 08 29 John
    I don't think there have been as many mailers in my mailbox this parliament. In the 39th Parliament I was always getting newsletters from Rona Ambrose and pamphlets asking if the Harper Conservatives were on the right track. While I think the riding will stay Conservative, the margin of victory might be narrower.
    09 08 29 JJ
    Rona Ambrose is considered a star in Harper's cabinet. Despite the media kerfuffle during her position as Environment Minister, she is better suited to her current position in Labour. The electorate here will re-elect her by landslide proportions. Conservative hold.
    09 08 25 wyatt
    Ambrose has never taken less than 60% of the vote. She'll hold here, and will be gunning for the 1.5% she needs to hit 70%.

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