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Calgary Southeast

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2009-08-24 10:19:00

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Fromm, Paul

Grochowski, Antoni

Kenney, Jason

MacPhee, Brian N.

Oates, Kirk

Spencer, Brett

Hon. Jason Kenney

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  • calgary-southeast (183/208 Polls)
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    11 04 15 wyllie
    And, yes, as a rather sad and pathetic sidenote, one of the independent candidates in this riding is Paul Fromm, the man described by the National Post as ‘one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists’. He's running in the riding to go up against Immigration Minister Jason Kenney because (surprise surprise) Fromm feels that Canada should cease allowing immigration immediately.
    The number of votes he garners will be a good gauge of how many vile Aryan Guard members there are living in Calgary Southeast. I sincerely hope he gets zero votes.
    11 04 14 wyllie
    Even though Kenney is completely absent from this riding (as has been the case the past several federal elections), the is undoubtedly one of the safest urban seats for the Conservatives across the country, and along with Calgary Southwest, the most conservative riding in Calgary. The riding is quite suburban and wealthy, giving the Conservatives a strong support base.
    Furthermore, in last year's mayoral election, Calgary Southeast encompassed the only ward where Ric McIver (the right wing ‘conservative’) candidate won more votes than Naheed Nenshi (the left leaning ‘liberal’ candidate).
    11 04 11 WAC
    Oddly enough the ‘King of Multiculturalism’ does not live in a particular multicultural riding... also is *that* Paul Fromm running in this riding? No matter.
    11 03 29 M. Lunn
    In the past three elections, this has been the Conservatives best showing in urban Canada. Expect Jason Kenney to spend most of his time campaigning in the the Greater Vancouver area and Greater Toronto area where the battlegrounds are and where there are many ethnic voters whom he has been successful at wooing. This will go Conservative in a landslide.
    09 08 24 EP
    Regardless of the ups and downs of national trends, Alberta continues to favour the Conservative Party with 60% or more. There is no perfect storm in sight to move any Calgary riding away from the “solidly Conservative column any time soon.

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