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Wellington-Halton Hills

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2009-08-26 14:08:00

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Bouteiller, Brent

Chong, Michael

Peters, Barry

Streutker, Jeffrey

Zavarella, Anastasia

Hon. Michael Chong

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  • dufferin-peel-wellington-grey (18/203 Polls)
  • guelph-wellington (32/242 Polls)
  • halton (78/212 Polls)
  • waterloo-wellington (43/203 Polls)
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    11 03 31 C.A.B.
    Michael Chong would have won a clear majority here in 2008 no matter what happened. Even in 2006, his numbers were very impressive. Even so, fourth place among Ontario Tories, almost 58% of the vote, and a 35-point margin all speak for themselves. As long as Chong is the MP, he'll continue to win in a landslide.
    11 03 28 M. Lunn
    This was the only riding outside the 613 area code where the Tories got over 50% in 2006. Since then most polls showing them doing even better in Ontario as well as Mike Chong is a widely respected MP, even amongst those who generally don't like the Tories so easy Tory win.
    11 03 24 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
    There should be more MPs like Chong. He's smart, articulate and stands for what he believes in. He's not one of these trained seals that clap for a fish when ever the party leaders throw one. Way too many of those in the CPC (and all parties). He won't get too far with Harper at the helm but he will rightfully be re-elected by his constituents.
    11 02 03 Gladstone
    Chong's extremely well-regarded in the riding and it'll stay his even in a Tory collapse. His maverick stand only cemented it, though it will certainly mean he goes absolutely nowhere in his party as long as Harper is leader.
    09 12 05 A.S.
    The only surprise here is that Mike Chong didn't sweep all the polls--though the one poll that he lost was unique: an Elora poll where he got 54 votes to the Liberals' 56, and the Greens got 53! So it might as well be a clean sweep, for all anyone cares...
    09 09 19
    Landslide win for Chong. He's young, popular and should be re-appointed to Cabinet in the future. He is very competent.
    09 08 25 wyatt
    With 57% of the vote in '08, Chong should hold this without ever having to knock a door.

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