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8:20 PM 06/05/2007

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Ontario Provincial Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

New Democratic
Family Coalition
Progressive Conservative

Simcoe-Grey (99%)
Jim Wilson
Simcoe North (0.7%)
Garfield Dunlop
Barrie-Simcoe-Bradford (0.3%)
Joseph N. Tascona

2003 Result (redistributed):

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07 09 20 L Pendleton
I think that it is a given that Jim Wilson will once again take this seat. He is deeply entrenched in the community. For example just today I went to a funeral service for a retired employee of New Tecumseth and he was there.
As for the contention that he performed poorly at the debates in 2003 that is incorrect, I was there and his performance was fine. The problem was that he looked flustered and was sweating. Citing the case of the Nixon/Kennedy debate where people viewing it on TV thought Kennedy had won while people listening to it on the radio thought Nixon was the clear winner. It is all about visuals, people get distracted by appearance. I think if people could have listened to it, Jim would have come across a lot better.
07 09 16 A.S.
Simcoe's historically conservative, but Grey's had some Liberal history (esp. provincially, in the Bob Nixon/Eddie Sargent era)--but basically, the only Grey left in the seat is Blue Mountains, so it doesn't matter anyway. I can't say if Jim Wilson's *that* devoid of personal following--if he were, he wouldn't have earned the best PC share in '99. Only if Paul Bonwick followed in Aileen Carroll's ex-MP-going-provincial footsteps could Simcoe-Grey even *begin* to look threatened...
07 06 02 King of Kensington
Re: David Sanderson's point about Jim Wilson being a weak MPP - ultimately that doesn't matter. Simcoe and Grey counties (Dief himself was born in Grey County, albeit in a different riding than this) have historically voted Conservative, so whoever the Conservative almost certainly wins. I doubt Wilson has any personal following whatsoever.
07 05 25 David Sanderson
I've been following the career of Jim Wilson since moving into the riding of Simcoe-Grey from Toronto close to 4 years ago. I really surprised that the people of Simcoe-Grey keep electing him as their MPP. On Wednesday May 23rd I watch Jim Wilson being interviewed on Rogers Cable and was shocked to hear him actually swear on local television. I went back and reviewed his record at Queens Park and was again shocked to see that he has a habit of swearing at other MPP's during question period. His record as an MPP when he was the Minister of Health, and the Environment is quite questionable. As Health Minister his department laid off over 8000 nurses, cut billions of dollars in funding, and the list goes on and on.
Mark Redmond the Liberal candidate from the 2003 election should have won. I base this on the fact that Mr. Wilson performed very poorly in the debates, and even showed up late for one of them, and left early for another debate. I also hear that a gentleman by the name of Steven Fishman is seeking the Liberal Nomination and having reviewed his website he seems to have what it takes to give Mr. Wilson a run for his money.
07 05 05 M. Lunn
One of the most conservative ridings in the province. This was where the Reform Party won its only seat in Ontario in 1993 and has consistently delivered large wins for right of centre parties.

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