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07 10 07 Nick J Boragina
This race is not a story of two candidates, or two parties, but a story of a riding. This riding is part of Brampton, which has seen quite a bit of growth. Itís not the growth thatís important, but what form that growth takes. Most of these newcomers are lower-middle class voters who just want to get out of the city. They donít have the rich jobs that they can milk, but they make Ďenoughí and work for their money. Many of them are immigrants who have come to this country, and actually made a living for themselves. All of these people tend to vote Liberal. They donít want to rock the boat, because they donít like to take risks, and voting Liberal is seen as the least risky thing you can do. Even with the Malton area, and the airport (airplanes donít vote) in this riding, it still will end with a similar result. A Liberal win.
07 10 06 Old Willowdaler
I made a few calls around the area and I agree with the poster who advised that the real signage count is 1 to 1. I also have heard confirmation of what I said. Many holding PC signs are doing it because they felt pressured to do so but may not vote that way so Liberal hold on htis
07 10 05
This will be a very close race and the South Asian community wont be voting as one block here. However Klaur carries more favour with his community and if his community vote in high numbers, he will likely win. Hundal has a lot of signs but so did her Father and he lost by huge margins... Its 1-1 when it comes to signs really.
07 10 03 JS
Although its up in the air im going to go with Pam Hundal for this riding, unlike my friend below who calls for Sam Hundal's victory your a tad late and off on the prediction. :P
willowdaler seems to think that the religious school is driving punjabi/sikh voters away from the tories but I work in the area driving from house to house and about 95% of the houses surrounding the temple have PC signs. It may be a biased assumption that their proximity to the temple denominated them to that faith but its a pretty good bet and a pretty good sign.
07 10 02 Old Willowdaler
Okay those who assert that the funding issue will drive the East Indian community to the Tories clearly have no understanding of that community. Most Sikh's and Hindu's are secular and intentionally send their kids to Public Schools. India and particularly the Punjab suffered during partition and the community knows full well where religious schooling leads. The Punjab borders Kashmir and they know as well from the ongoing tensions there that allowing Religion to take over the schooling as in the Madrasses is a formula for disaster. India has a long tradition of secular education started by the British and continued from the days of Nehru. Anyone who knows the community would understand this. FOr the record I have yet to meet a single Sikh (baptised or not) who does not feel that the Temple is the place for religions and feel clearly religion is NOT for the school. In fact I think most of the community for the sub continent will see through this attempt by John Tory to drive a wedge between the Liberals and the ĎEthnicí vote. As shown by his flip flop the population of Ontario (including the Ďethnicí communities) are OPPOSED to our school system becoming religon based.
07 10 01
mostly white people who don't like the fact there are two brown people fighting with each other to win votes in their own community alone.
07 09 30 A.S.
I don't know if it's a sign of anything (other than race/culture-based), but the number of lawn signs in the Bramalea part for Green candidate Bruce Haines is astonishing. Are we looking at a double-digit percentage here?
07 09 28 mandeep
No, signs are mixed but i think among the Sikh Community Sam Hundal wins.
Also the religious schools argument is going to very few seats over. Weíre not like Jews really...
07 09 24 Rob
Just going by the lawn sign on private property. Hundal clearly outnumbers Kular. As for the Sikh community, finally someone is standing up for them to get equal funding for sikh schools. Do you think the sikh and south Asian community hate the Conservative for this?
07 09 21 905er
The Sikh community is very upset with the Conservatives these days - Kuldip's support isn't going anywhere (the impact of Harper's attack on Bains family and their snubbing of Sikh events will be felt by both levels of Tories for a long time). This will be a clear win
07 09 20 manny
yeah, Kular, will win as he has the community more in his favour. South Asian community is going full force and the regular white suburban crowd is going conservative here.
Gill was one of the few conservatives, Indians would vote for and i think Pam Hundal like her father will be lucky to come within a few thousand votes.
07 09 18 A.S.
Here's a seat to watch for evidence (if any) that John Tory's religious-school-funding gambit might lead blocs of observant South Asians to follow the Orthodox Jews Toryward--and maybe more so in the fast-growing Gore than in the traditional centre of Malton. And if that *does* turn out to be the case (though I'm skeptical, if only because Malton seems too Etobicoke North-esque for such antics), funny how things swing around; fourteen years earlier, this was by far the best federal Reform seat in Peel, (almost certainly) *in reaction to* a Sikh Liberal...
07 09 18 Andrew Cox
Liberal hold.
1) Kuldip Kular's been a low-profile backbencher for the past four years, but he hasn't encountered any problems that would push voters away. He is a leader in the Sikh community with a strong local organization that will help to get voters to the polls.
2) Pam Hundal is not as strong a candidate as Raminder Gill, who was defeated in 2003 here. It will be interesting to see if the rift between her and Gill has healed.
3) Harinder Takhar as Transportation Minister paid a lot of attention to the taxi drivers servicing the Pearson airport, a major issue in the riding. And - of course - Takhar is a bit of a lightening rod in the Indo-Canadian community, where some journalists have argued John Tory persecuted Takhar because of his ethnicity.
4) But, again, its Peel. Who knows? This riding will probably follow the provincial trend.
07 08 16 J Singh
The sitting MPP Dr. Kular has been trying to run his medical practice and his MPP office. He is making both sides suffer.

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