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10:11 PM 20/03/2007

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South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Blair, David
Hiebert, Russ
Higginbotham, Judy
Progressive Canadian
Marlatt, Brian
New Democratic
Prontzos, Peter

Russ Hiebert

2006 Result:
Russ Hiebert **
Jim McMurtry
Libby Thornton
Pierre Rovtar
Brian Marlatt

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08 03 02 A.S.
The dearth of entries here is telling compared to last time. In '04, the Liberals pulled off a near-upset in what ought to have been the most dependably conservative-leaning part of Surrey. Then, two years later, the CPC-Liberal margin nearly tripled, South Surrey was back to normal, and everybody shut up. Though maybe we shouldn't *not* heed the political message of 2004, especially, now, if there's any ripple from Cadmangate throughout Surrey...
07 04 06 Brian Appel
This is my dad's riding and, if you've ever been here, you'd know just how right-wing it is. The riding has fields of grain, a rodeo once a year and small town folks driving pick-up trucks. And, in White Rock, you have wealth and WASP's. People in the riding might be prepared to elect a right-wing, Tom Wappel-type Liberal if there was no Conservative incumbent, but right now there's a young MP here who is hugely popular. Easy, easy hold for the Conservatives here.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
As much as I don't like Russ Hiebert's religious fundamentalism this is a very conservative riding economically and somewhat conservative socially so while the rest of Surrey may be moving away from the Tories, this riding isn't, so while the Tories might lose Fleetwood-Port Kells, this one should stay Conservative.

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