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Wild Rose
Federal Election - 2007

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Fox, Lisa
New Democratic
Horvath, Jeff
Richards, Blake
Turcott, Jenn
Zoobkoff, Krista

Myron Thompson

2006 Result:
Myron Thompson **
Sean Maw
Judy Stewart
Shannon Nelles

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08 09 25 RITC
The conservatives are going to win this one, without a doubt. They probably won't win with 70%, like last time. Except the Green Party to make a big gain this time around. Somewhere between 20-30%. But CPC will win it with more than 50%. The Greens won't steal many votes from the CPC, if any. They'll probably get a lot of Liberal votes.
08 02 03 A.S.
A seat where predictions are an easy excuse to (a) chortle at Myron ‘Bub O'Casey’ Thompson, and (b) chortle at, gee whillikers, the second place Green Party finish in 2006. Actually, despite the image Thompson imparts, this *isn't* in the uppermost percentage tier of Alberta Tory seats not prevaced by ‘Calgary’ or ‘Edmonton’--the GrittyGreenyDippy presence of Banff/Canmore sees to that--but the only way this seat's conceivably gonna be under threat is if, appropriately given its name (and the provincial overlap of Ted Morton), the Wildrose Alliance develops a federal offshoot.
08 01 13 R.O.
The conservatives have a new candidate here as long time mp Myron Thompson is not running in next election. Blake Richards won the conservative nomination which was very competitve. as for opposition here , sure there is some but in this riding there not close enough at this time. its really a right of centre riding and if not conservative would/has only gone for that type of party in recent elections.
07 09 12 Nick J Boragina
Myron Thompson, for those who don’t know, is the big burly white guy who made a ruckus when he was new to Parliament (for the Reform Party) because he refused to take off his cowboy hat inside Parliament. His argument was that Parliament allows ‘cultural headdress’ such as turbans or native feathers, and that his cowboy hat was part of his culture, and hence, he should wear it. Despite what you might think of that argument, it is telling of his personality. He’s never one to shy away from his viewpoint, and that’s why so many people love the guy. Weather or not you think he’s a nut, at least he’s an honest nut. Something that’s lacking in politics these days. I also think the Greens will increase their vote share here. There is really no reason to vote Liberal or NDP in a riding as blue as this, but voting Green is a sign of protest. Don’t be surprised if the Greens do well (at least by Alberta standards)
07 07 28 binriso
I dont think Myron Thompson is going to run again. Big deal though, the CPC will probably only lose a few % if that and win with over 2/3 of the votes or so.
07 04 15 Matt
The Greens will come second because the Conservatives are just to strong here. The other parties are no better off then the Greens however the Greens seem to have captured numerous protest votes.
07 04 03 Brian Appel
Banff and Lake Louise may this riding good Green territory, but everywhere else is as blue as blue can get. Thompson is a redneck cowboy, but he's a cowboy who's going back to Ottawa by a very safe margin.
07 04 01 GM
Seeing that the Greens finished 2nd last time makes me laugh and reminds me that Canmore/Banff (the Bow Valley) is in this riding. Nevertheless, the majority of people are in the Airdrie to Sundre-Olds corridor which means that any Conservative candidate will get a minimum of 35,000 votes.
07 03 29 M. Lunn
Myron Thompson is a true Reformer who holds very right wing views and unless muzzled will spout them off. However asides from Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise which are a little more progressive, the rest of the riding would vote Tory even if a monkey were running under the Tory banner, so Myron Thompson will win easily or should he not run, his replacement will easily win.
07 03 25 Jim
Myron with 70% of the vote. Big question is will the Greens finish 2nd again?
07 03 25 Ancastarian
A rural Alberta riding - guaranteed slam-dunk for the Conservatives.....Despite how backwards their candidate may be...

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