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10:31 AM 02/04/2007

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Edmonton-Spruce Grove
Federal Election - 2007

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Ambrose, Rona
Austin, Chris
New Democratic
Phillips, Barb
Walker, Wendy

Hon. Rona Ambrose

2006 Result:
Rona Ambrose **
Brad Enge
Jason Rockwell
John Lackey

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08 09 01 John
I've noticed a jump in the number of Conservative Party mailers in my mailbox in recent weeks. So the wheels of the Conservative election machine are already in motion. Not a peep out of the other parties yet. Seat will stay Conservative.
08 02 28 A.S.
The only Edmonton Tory to surpass 2/3 of the total vote; and surely, Rona Ambrose's stature as Harper confidante and paragon of a dynamic (and yes, depending on your gender and orientation, comely) new generation of Canadian conservativism helped--she was as ‘future cabinet Tory star’ as Edmonton's seats got. Shame at how the environment portfolio tarnished her star a little, though--but the impact of said tarnish will only be evidenced if she's no longer tops among Edmonton Tories. Such is CPC safety that if Ambrose jumped the shark, it's but a harmless baby shark...
07 09 30 John
Have to agree with the other two. Rona, courtesy of being a cabinet minister, is very high profile. While she was, perhaps, in over her head as environment, the publicity's generated a lot of name recongintion. In marketing and public relations (and elections), name recognition counts for a lot.
07 04 01
Rona Ambrose won a landslide in 2004 and 2006; it will be repeated. She is one of Harper's closest cabinet ministers, and very likely helped him to formulate his equalization policy.
07 03 29 M. Lunn
Say what you will about Rona Ambrose, but she won by big margins here in the last two elections and there is no reason this will change as much as a neophyte she was as environment minister.

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