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4:24 PM 24/03/2007

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Calgary Southwest
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Christie, Kelly
Harper, Stephen
Christian Heritage
Heather, Larry R.
New Democratic
Heffernan, Holly
Lamontagne, Marlene
Young, Dennis

Rt. Hon Stephen J. Harper

2006 Result:
Stephen J. Harper **
Mike Swanson
Holly Heffernan
Kim Warnke
Larry R. Heather

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08 10 09 binriso
Yes the sweater-vest will once again win his riding at most likely will win government again(a minority one though). Though I doubt the CPC will sweep Alberta this time, surprisingly enough.
08 02 28 A.S.
As in Saint-Laurent-Cartierville, so in Calgary SW: as boring a prediction as the man himself. So boring that it isn't even the top Tory seat in Calgary (that'd be Calgary SE)
07 09 11 Nick J Boragina
My prediction here is not on who will win, obviously itís the Prime Minister, the Rt.Hon Stephen Harper, but rather that the history of every last party in the book running a token candidate against the PM (take a look at Martinís riding last time around) will continue. I expect at least 10 candidate here, if not 15.
07 03 23 G. Kennedy (not that one)
No Conservative in Alberta outside Edmonton is remotely vulnerable. And this seat happens to be the Prime Minister's to boot. One of the easiest predictions in the country.
07 03 22 Laurence Putnam
Seriously - whose credibility is worthless enough to post anything other than a Conservative prediction in the very heartbeat of the Reform/Alliance/Conservative movement? This is almost like the Conservative version of Mount Royal. The Prime Minister of Caanda will be re-elected.

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