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Federal Election - 2007

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Antony, Jen
Bell, Bryan H.
Breitkreuz, Garry
New Democratic
Ottenbreit, Doug

Garry Breitkreuz

2006 Result:
Garry Breitkreuz **
Jason Dennison
Mervin Joseph Cushman
Keith Neu
Carl Barabonoff

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08 10 11 Meesch
The NDP candidate is going to pick up a lot of votes in the Southern half of the riding. As opposed to the incumbent conservative who has lost favor of the electorate in the southern half of the riding simply because he has ignored that portion of the riding in the last two years.
08 02 04 A.S.
The emblematic rural NDP-become-CPC seat in the West, where with a snap of the fingers sometime in the 90s they switched allegiances from a four-eyed country preacher type named Tommy Douglas to a four-eyed country preacher type named Preston Manning. Given the near-Albertan scale of Breitkreuz's mandates, it's difficult to believe the NDP *ever* had traction here, let alone so soon ago...
07 09 19 Nick J Boragina
Many NDPers hate Breitkreuz (which for some odd reason is usually pronounced as bright-kritez) and would love to see him go down in flames. The reality, however, is that the old populist tradition that used to vote NDP swung to the Reform Party and now lies within the CPC. Remember too that Breitkreuz is popular here, and he's one of the more well knowen MP's in the tory caucus. I think he will find it very easy to re-gain his seat.
07 07 22 binriso
Lorne Nystrom's old riding for the NDP forever it seemed(25 years) and he won pretty comfortably in the 70s and 80s most elections. Things have changed drastically and now it is one of the safest seats for the CPC with ~65% of the votes. Not to mention this is the oldest riding in Canada (or at least it was in the 2006 election). How can it not be CPC? (By oldest i mean people's age of course)
07 04 12 Ancastarian
Garry Breitkreuz, with his farming background and his strong and very vocal opposition to the gun registry should be an easy shoe-in for the Conservatives!
07 03 29 M. Lunn
A staunch supporter of property rights and staunch opponent of the gun registry, Garry Breitkreuz should win a landslide again as despite its NDP past, as those issues have strong support in this riding. Interestingly enough Breitkreuz once was an NDP member himself so it looks like he is following the riding trend quite nicely.

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