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Federal Election - 2007

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Kratchmer, Norbert
Nyholt, Gregory
Ritz, Gerry
Christian Heritage
Stephan, Harold
New Democratic
Woloshyn, Bob

Gerry Ritz

2006 Result:
Gerry Ritz **
Elgin Wayne Wyatt
Jim Pankiw
Dominic LaPlante
Norbert Kratchmer
Harold Stephan

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08 09 30 Todd
Another easy win for Ritz, the listerious flap will not have an effect.
60% or more for Ritz.
08 09 30 B mc D
Possible suprise.
The NDP has sent MP's from this area numerous times. Len Taylor and Doug Anguish through most of the 1980's and 1990's are the most recent examples.
The NDP also represent the Battlesfords provincially and the Northwest part of the riding has a strong NDP tradition, the NDP holds it own in the towns provincially.
If this one were to fall it would be a huge upset but Ritz has left a bad taste in peoples mouth.
By all accounts the NDP is running a real campaign for the first time in years and the Liberals will be worse off than ever. The last Liberal to represent this area in Ottawa was Liberal Senator Herb Sparrow.
Ritz is a negative, we shall see how negative.
08 09 25 John Rambo
I am from this riding and Ritz will win hands down. This riding has only ever gone Tory, or Reform, over the last half century. Jim Pankiw nearly finished second here last time, and every single one of his votes are going to Ritz. This is also an oil producing constituency and the Liberals, NDP and Green Party have basically declared war on the oil patch. Easy Tory win with 65+%..
08 09 23 odude22
The NDP will take this hands down. The people of Battlefords-Lloydminister will not allow Mr. Ritz to come back to the House after making such a disgrace upon the Canadian Public and such insensitivity to the families of those who lost loved ones the the listerious outbreaks.
08 09 19 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
It is unfortunate that individuals like Ritz, Lukiwski and Poilievre (certainly some others) are allowed to run given their various hurtful remarks. Never the less, the proposed carbon tax and weakness of the NDP in rural Saskatchewan will allow Ritz to return. The only way this will change is if Ritz does what former Reform MP Val Meridith suggested was the honourable thing to do: resign.
08 09 19 Porter
Regina Leader-Post says Ritz comments could cost him his seat.
It goes on to say he is ‘facing a stiff challenge from New Democrat Bob Woloshyn and potential backlash from farmers who support the Canadian Wheat Board’.
I'm not so sure, but I don't know the riding. I'm inclined to think it's the type where constituents vote more for the party than the candidate, which is why we have Mr. Ritz in the first place. However, since one of the deaths occured locally in the riding, that could indeed change everything.
08 09 19 Kevin
I really think it's gonna leave a bad taste in people's mouth to actually vote Conservative after what he said about Listeriosis. I wouldn't call it a for sure loss, but definitely not a for sure win. I predict here an actual win for the NDP.
08 03 01 Pierre from Québec
Mr. Ritz will probably win this seat but his margin will be the smallest he ever had. Had he contested the election in an urban ridding, I doubt he would be back in Ottawa.
08 09 18 binriso
With the foolish idiot having spouted his mouth off, expect the race to be closer, but the hardcore CPC supporters will win him the day, unfortunately.
08 09 17 Debra Ling
No reason to think Ritz wouldn't get reelected here, but still this had to come out from his mouth recently:
He's lucky he's running where he is.
08 09 17 Gone Fishing
What kind of idiot is Gerry Ritz?
I cannot believe he can make such inappropriate remarks about listeriosis death in PEI asking hopefully that is was Liberal Wayne Easter.
I am a strong conservative but I hope the NDP or Liberal candidate can blow this out of proportion.
Ritz may have singlehandedly taken away the majority the Conservatives.
08 02 26 A.S.
Would the Canadian Wheat Board issue mean as much now compared to a hypothetical 2007 election? In any case, CPC disappointment here would involve a Pankiwless underpolling of 2006's Pankiw-punk'd result--that's it.
07 08 24 SaskPhoenix
Gerry Ritz has been appointed as the new Agriculture minister in the cabinet shuffle. That will boost his profile in his riding and solidify his chances of holding onto his seat - not that he was ever in any danger of being unseated though.
Saskatchewan's new senior cabinet minister, higher profile, a new portfolio that is a perfect match for a rural riding - all point to surefire Conservative win in Battlefords-Lloydminster.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
A very safe Conservative riding so Gerry Ritz should easily win, although even though I expect him to gain some of Pankiw's votes, his stance on the Canadian Wheat Board, while popular in Alberta, is not exactly popular in Saskatchewan. Still he won by such a massive margin that a few disenfranchised wheat and barley farmers will only make a minor dent.
07 03 25 GM
Another easy Conservative victory - In 2006, even with Jim Pankiw sucking down almost 15% of the vote, Gerry Ritz scored over 50%.

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