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Winnipeg Centre
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Ackerman, Ed
Chan, Joe
Daodu, Kenny
Hurley, Dan
Klassen, Jessie
New Democratic
Martin, Pat
First Peoples National
Morrisseau, Lyle
Rankin, Darrell

Pat Martin

2006 Result:
Pat Martin **
Ray St. Germain
Helen Sterzer
Gary Gervais
Anna-Celestrya Carr

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08 10 13 Janey
Well of course Pat Martin will win. This riding was extremely poor when the great JS Woodsworth ministered to it as a clergyman and later represented it for the forerunner of and later the CCF and with all due respect to the person who argued it lacked the poverty status, I cite this from Stats Can - ‘The riding of Winnipeg Centre, according to Statistics Canada, is the poorest in Canada, as measured by median household income.’ For some reason, Papineau also seeks that dubious status but Papineau comes in behind even this district.
I suspect the esteemed Rev. Woodsworth would be shocked with thes results- in this, the 21st century! Then again, this is a country of immigrants and we try to help those in need from around the globe.
08 09 24 Matt
This is my home riding and I would say the safest NDP seat in the country right now. Pat Martin is very popular and has shown he can beat star Liberal candidates three times now.
08 02 17 A.S.
Through various shifts, redistributions, and a touch of inner-core gentrification, Winnipeg Centre's actually more eclectic now than its ‘poor’ NDP predecessors; accordingly, Pat Martin has survived by being being the most ‘Doeresque’ of Manitoba's fed NDP caucus, i.e. perhaps not exactly an Ujjal Rae-in-waiting (except to hyper-partisans), but rendering the Liberals locally redundant, anyway. Though with its demographics, it would have made a terrific giant-killer riding for Gerard Kennedy to run in had he decided to return to his birth province...
07 10 02 Nick J Boragina
Poor riding or not, the winner of this riding is not the NDP, but Pat Martin. Pat Martin spends most of his time and efforts in his home riding. He should win again easily, despite the lack of a national profile. I’ve seen him in action and he talks about the kind of things you read about in the reader’s digest ‘outrages’ page. Things that the government is normally oblivious to, but seem so obvious to the common man. Martin is known in the community for fighting for these causes, and they consistently reward him for it at election time. This time will be no different.
07 08 17 binriso
Pat Martin fought off some tough challenges from Liberal star candidates and now pretty much owns this riding. Another NDP win with 50% of the votes and well ahead of the 2nd place Liberals with the CPC 3rd.
07 04 07 Brian Appel
This is hardly the poorest riding in Canada. That honour actually goes to the riding of Random-Burin-St. Georges's in Newfoundland & Labrador. However, Pat Martin is quite popular in Winnipeg Centre, as is any socialist, actually. After all, this riding was once held by the founder of the CCF, J.S. Woodsworth. Martin to hold, after a bit of a fight with the Liberal candidate.
07 03 29 M. Lunn
The poorest riding in Canada and one with a very strong NDP base. Pat Martin will easily hold this one.

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