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Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Christian Heritage
Andres, David
Mark, Inky
Menzies, Wendy
People's Political Power
Prefontaine, Charles
Storey, Kate
New Democratic
Strynadka, Ron

Inky Mark

2006 Result:
Inky Mark **
Walter Kolisnyk
Don Dewar
Kathy Storey
Iris Yawney

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08 09 07 badinsults
Although Inky Mark is a backbencher with almost no notable accomplishments other than a couple of apologies for past deeds and veterans recognition, he will easily hold this riding. People here still don't like the gun registry, and the Liberals clinging onto the Wheat Board monopoly issue won't help them, especially when there isn't that much support for it. I don't know who is running for the other parties, but I can guarantee that they won't be high profile enough to win. I may vote in this riding, but I don't expect any change.
08 02 25 T.V.
Inky Mark's a good, moderate, likeable MP. Pretty much anyone could run for the Tories and win here, but he makes them even stronger.
08 02 03 A.S.
Inky's parliamentary history pretty well ensures that he's the perfect CPCer for provincial Doer-ites to feel at ease with. (Indeed, had Ed Schreyer been elected in '06, he might have had more common ground with Inky than with his own federal party leader. And not just geographically speaking.)
07 03 29 M. Lunn
Inky Mark will easily win here. Besides the Conservative nature of the riding, he is a popular MP who listens to his constituents. On the Canadian Wheat Board changes, he was the only Conservative MP to oppose the government position and while Harper may not like this, it will gain him respect locally.
07 03 27 Nick J Boragina
Inky Mark was both the former Alliance and PC member of parliament for this riding, now that the two parties are one and form government, I donít see how he can lose.

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