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6:32 PM 24/03/2007

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Mississauga-Brampton South
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Ataullahjan, Salma
Bains, Navdeep
New Democratic
Pandher, Karan
Sullivan, Tim
Yogaretnam, Grace

Hon. Navdeep Bains

2006 Result:
Navdeep Bains **
Arnjeet Sangha
Nirvan Balkissoon
Grace Yogaretnam
Tim Sullivan

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08 09 13 Adrena Lynn
Hey, BUcK. I think you chose the incorrect logo for your prediction.
I drove through this riding this morning, and the only signs that are up are Bains signs. Navdeep would be like the last Mississauga Liberal standing if there happens to be a sweep in Peel region.
08 09 10 BUcK
Conseratives couldn't find anyone to run against Bains in the riding so they had to go to Scarbrough. I think Conservatives don't have a chance in this M.B.S.
07 08 05 A.S.
How times have changed. A generation ago, a Sikh turban signified the narrow universe of ethnic bloc voting and electoral liability; today, Navdeep Bains might as well be a future leader of the federal Liberals. The only possible crimp on his cinching reelection is that a nondescript Tory opponent actually cracked the 30% mark in '06 (though that may have been token reflection of the SSM issue more than anything).
07 03 24 M. Lunn
Navdeep Bains is reasonably popular here and certainly Harper's low blow against him was unreasonable, although somehow I doubt that will be a central issue in the next election. Neverthless of the Mississauga ridings, this is the most Liberal of them all so even if the Tories due pick up any Mississauga ridings, this won't be it.
07 03 21 905er
Navdeep Bains played a big role in the last leadership and will play a big role in the future of the Liberal party. He was safe even if he did nothing over the last year. With all he has done and the personal attacks on this family by the PM which have gone over like a lead balloon- the Liberals can deposit this one as a sure bet.

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