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Hamilton Centre
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

New Democratic
Christopherson, David
Giles, Anthony
Livingstone, John
Nussey, Lisa
O'Connor, Leon
Sparrow, Ryan
Wilson, Helen M.

David Christopherson

2006 Result:
David Christopherson **
Javid Mirza
Eliot Lewis Hill
John Livingstone
Tony Des Lauriers

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08 10 03 C. Taylor
This ‘Doug The Slug’ fellow is a knuckle-dragger and sounds awful angry himself. The reason people vote NDP in this riding is not because they're ‘angry and poor’. Christopherson is easily one of the best NDP candidates in Ontario, he's less ideological than many NDP candidates and he's been on the ground and done good work for Hamilton.
08 03 25 The Jackal
Tied with Windsor west as the safest NDP seat in Ontario. If Christopherson doesn't crack 50% of the vote I will be surprised.
08 02 29 Doug The Slug
Hamilton Centre is filled with angry poor peopole who live in the dirtiest and most run down riding in Canada. David Christopherson plays these angry poor people perfectly. Being a member of the fourth party, Christoperson will never be able to deliver anything that would make life better for his constitiuents but he'll stand up on a stage and scream during election time. The rubes in this riding buy Christopherson's act ever time. He's such an institution that the Liberals couldn't even find anyone from Hamilton to line up for a whipping at the polls. So they brought in a candidate who lost their nomination in Haldimand-Norfolk to serve as their candidate. Christopherson will hold this pathetic seat forever.
07 11 11 binriso
I can?t believe that 23.5% in this riding is the lowest Liberal % in all of Ontario. That could be very bad in polls since the CPC lowest result in Ontario is a bunch of no-hope GTA ridings that sit around 10% or lower (like Toronto Danforth, Trinity Spadina, Davenport etc,) and some really weak Northern ridings(Nickel Belt, Timmins). That makes the CPC position in Ontario better since their support seems to be more concentrated in strong ridings and TCTC ridings, which probably means that the CPC stand to win a lot more seats here if their vote equalizes with the Liberals. Not that it matters in Hamilton Centre though, its a safe NDP riding provincially and safer federally and an easy win.
07 04 10 A.S.
The best NDP percentage *and* the worst Liberal percentage in Ontario in '06--and continuing that trajectory, we might as well be seeing 2nd place Tory here this time. Boy, Stan Keyes must be turning in his electoral grave...
07 03 29 M. Lunn
Even if the NDP loses its other two Hamilton ridings, David Christopherson has a strong enough lock on this riding that he should easily hold it. In addition much of the NDP decline has been in order to oust the Conservatives from office, but since the Conservatives have no chance at winning in this riding, one can safely vote NDP without risking the Conservatives coming up the middle.
07 03 25 G. Kennedy (not that one)
Christopherson has transformed this into the safest NDP seat in Ontario outside of Windsor. His comrades in Hamilton may or may not be in trouble depending on whether or not a campaign can turn around the ‘slide’ of the NDP, but Christopherson is assured of returning.
07 03 25 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
Christopherson took 51% of the vote in 2006. This was also the first of the Hamilton ridings to go NDP in 2004. If they could unseat a cabinet minister in 2004, then there really isn't any reason why this will switch to the Liberals this year. Okay, there are some reasons, but none that have materialized as of yet...

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