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3:36 PM 29/03/2007

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Don Valley East
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Clements, Wayne
New Democratic
Hynes, Mary Trapani
Christian Heritage
Kovalenko, Alex
McDermott, Eugene
Ratansi, Yasmin

Yasmin Ratansi

2006 Result:
Yasmin Ratansi **
Eugene McDermott
Richard Alan Hennick
Wayne Clements

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08 09 28 MH
Could go Conservative again some day (it last did so in 1988, when Alan Redway beat Yasmin Ratansi by 3000 votes) but not this time. The CPC is up in small town and suburban Ontario, but so far it's making no major inroads in Toronto. If any Toronto riding goes Tory in 2008 it will be Don Valley West or Etobicoke-Lakeshore. DVE stays Liberal.
07 04 15 A.S.
Perhaps about as ‘average’ as a 416 riding gets. With one election under her belt and a lower-profile Tory challenger, Ratansi snoozed her way to a second term with a barely diminished share in '06. CPC *could* still pose a viable challenge here, someday, there's former/current municipal-politics stalwarts like Paul Sutherland or Denzel Minnan-Wong who can give a gloss of credibility...but only if at least 2 or 3 other Toronto dominos (including neighbouring Don Valley West) fall first.
07 03 28 Daniel
Yasmin last won this riding 54% of the votes, and this Toronto riding has been Liberal since 1993. With a margin of victory of over 10,000 votes, this seat will stay Liberal

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