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Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Dhalla, Ruby
Finlay, Dave
Gill, Parm
Kabitsis, Dimitrios
New Democratic
Singh, Mani

Ruby Dhalla

2006 Result:
Ruby Dhalla **
Sam Hundal
Anna Mather
Ian Raymond Chiocchio
Upali Jinadasa Wannaku Rallage

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08 09 18 Initials only
No contest this time - Ruby Dhalla all the way. Ruby is one of the new rising stars in the Liberal Party and has had much exposure in the media over the years. Should the worse case scenario happen and the Liberals are reduced to non-party status there is a good bet Ruby would still be one of the few re-elected. Ruby is a safe bet in an otherwise riskier election overall.
08 01 30 John Johnson
Dhalla holds this riding. The only way this riding goes CPC is if Dhalla crosses the floor which she has been rumoured to have been offered.
07 07 04 A.S.
The only seat prefaced by ‘Brampton’ where the Liberal share dropped from '04 to '06; but that may be more because it was the ‘stablest’ (i.e. more built-out than its neighbours), and lacked Brampton West's Tony Clement factor as well. Except maybe a smidgen of SSM-related controversy, it was no slur on Dhalla, despite the controversy behind her '04 nomination--indeed, she's probably achieved more in the way of fresh-faced gravitas and self-justification in her second term of office, notwithstanding any date-auction-for-Iggy notoriety, etc. It still might not be enough in case the Wajid Khan defection preludes a wave--but only ‘in case’. Hey, in some real left-field universe this could pass for the best NDP hope in Peel (a lot of that tweaked by the '04 controversy; yet they still kept above the old 15% deposit level in '06--and under Anna Mather, perhaps the most urban-hipsterish candidate in all of Canada to save a deposit that year. Now, *there's* doing Bollywood Dhalla one better.)
07 03 29 M. Lunn
The demographic changes in the riding has made this more in line with Toronto politically than say some of the more Conservative 905 ridings such as Burlington and Whitby-Oshawa. The Tories could gain ridings such as Oakville and Mississauga South, but this one won't fall. Their best hope in Brampton is Brampton West, but even that is a long shot.
07 03 29 DN
Liberals have a strong history here and a rising star in their ranks. Safe Liberal hold.
07 03 28 Daniel
Expect Ruby Dhalla to win this riding, she has been increasingly more visible in the National media, and increased her vote count by 2900 votes back in 2006. Conservative candidate Sam Hundal meanwhile, has run twice now, which means he faces his party's 2 strike policy, which means he'll need special dispensation in order to run again. Whether Sam runs or not, this riding should stay Liberal

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