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Federal Election - 2007

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New Democratic
Artiss, Phyllis
Lewis, Lacey
McLeod, Nyssa Christine
Russell, Todd

Todd Norman Russell

2006 Result:
Todd Norman Russell **
Joe Goudie
Jacob Edward Larkin
Gail Zwicker

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08 10 12 ducey
This was going Liberal anyway but when the other parties parachute in candidates, it hands the riding to the Liberals.
08 10 06
The rest of the parties have giving Labrador to the Liberals by default as all the other candidates have been parachuted in.
The Greens I can understand, as they have no chance here. The Conservatives have not delivered on their promise to build up the military base at Goose Bay, in addition to their Atlantic Accord broken promise, so they know they are currently not very well liked in Labrador. I am surprised that the NDP parachuted someone in as they have strong roots in the unionized mining towns in Western Labrador and have finished second several in the past Federal elections.
I still don't think they would have won with a local candidate, but they would have came in a strong second.
08 10 02 M.C.
Pierre from Quebec is obviously right about Labrador being a Liberal stronghold, but he is really all wrong about one thing; the Bloc Québécois NEVER gained support in this riding and it will never happen (because the Bloc runs candidates only in Québec). Todd Russell will be re-elected, regardless of whoever would be foolish enough to challenge him!!! Easy Liberal Hold! (and I am extremely proud to say this!)!
08 08 17 Pierre from Québec
Liberal stronghold. The Bloc Quebecois has some support in this large riding. If the BQ runs a candidate here, they would get at least 10% of the vote.
08 01 21 A.S.
That last Tory result is probably more a ‘Danny Williams’ than ‘Stephen Harper’ thing; but that was back before Williams snuffed out any perceived provincial-federal (and anti-establishment, for that matter) party-label symbiosis--at most, it foreshadowed Williams' Labrador gains in the subsequent provincial election. Alternately, one *might* look to the NDP on grounds of recent-past electoral promises--trouble is that the primary figure upon whom such promises have hinged, Randy Collins, was disgraced out of provincial office in 2007. Something tells me that the Grits have bluffed into a real easy win here...
07 09 16 Nick J Boragina
Harper is not popular in Newfoundland right now. I know there are some radical polls out there showing the CPC at 17% in Newfoundland, but I’d also like to point out Ekos did a poll just after the merger in 2003 showing the CPC at 13% nationwide, and the Liberals at 60%. Back to this riding. The Tories will suffer, nonetheless, in the polls across the entire province. I expect a drop, and in a riding like this where they lost, that is no good. I’d also like to note (as I have the last few times I projected a liberal win in this riding) that this riding has never gone Tory. The only time that this riding had a Tory MP, was when it shared a riding with part of the Island, and in that election I understand, Labrador itself voted Liberal.
07 03 29 M. Lunn
I was surprised at how well the Tories did last time around, but with Todd Russell having more time under his belt and the fact the Goose Bay military base has not been built as promised and the budget shafted Newfoundland & Labrador, I expect the results to be more in line with the 2004 ones than the 2006 ones.

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