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Medicine Hat
Federal Election - 2006

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Bev Botter
Kevin Dodd
Wally Regehr
Monte Solberg

Monte Solberg

2004 Result:
Monte Kenton Solberg
Bill Cocks
Betty Stroh
Kevin Dodd

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11 01 06 Brian A
This riding is obviously going Conservative by 80%+. Solberg is an extremely popular incumbent and will likely be the next Finance Minister. Short of Kalan Porter running as an Independant next time around, Solberg will hold this riding until he steps down.
27 09 05
Any other prediction would be ridiculous; Monte Solberg is extremely well liked and this is a solid, deep blue riding. If the Conservatives ran Kalan Porter here, then I think they'd leave the other candidates with zero votes.
04 05 05 Nick Boragina
Rural Alberta, Conservative Incumbant, history of electing right-wing MP's since the 1920's...
The question is not so much who will win, but who else even can win?
Solberg could be the next finance minister, he certainly can win his own riding.
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
As possibly Canada's next finance minister, Monte Solberg will get at least 70%, probably over 80%. He doesn't have to worry about winning the riding, only about the election.
02 05 05
High Profile Conservative whose won by huge margins since '93... easy hold.

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