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Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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Ian Raymond Chiocchio
Ruby Dhalla
Sam Hundal
Anna Mather
Upali Jinadasa Wannaku Rallage

Ruby Dhalla

2004 Result/Résultats:
Ruby Dhalla
Sam Hundal
Kathy Pounder
Nick Hudson
Gurdev Singh Mattu

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13 01 06 WL
Harris may be the Green party leader, but he has received a lot of bad press. I think another Green candidate may well have pulled more votes than Harris will. Still too close to call, but I'd have to give the advantage to Churley. Unhappy Liberals are somewhat more likely to go left than right.
05 01 06 Katrina
I actually called Dr. Ruby Dhalla"s campaign office and found out that she does live in the riding.
03 01 06 Steven
Ruby DOES NOT, repeat DOES NOT live in this riding, she had ADMITTED IT HERSELF in an interview with the Brampton Gaurdian.
02 01 06 RW
Dr. Ruby Dhalla might have been parachuted in during the last election but she is now a resident of the Riding and will not encounter nearly as much competition this time as last time. She was the last candidate nominated by the Liberal Party, 2 hours before the election was called last time and still won by 8,300 votes.
This time she has the same candidate running against her for the Conservatives in Sam Hundal and despite his same old tricks, Ruby has the resources, the name recognition and the profile from all the work she did to get the William-Osler Hospital to the riding since being elected 18 months ago.
01 01 06 quasar
Ruby has been a really good MP. I don't think Hundal, though with a high profile, can take this because despite Ruby's controversial parachuting here, she still won by 8000 votes. However, if the Liberals want Ruby to landslide this, they need to put her as a frontbencher, not hidden in the back as she represents a youthful scandal-free image to the Liberals. The Libs are in need of a counter to the CPC frontbenchers Ambrose and Guergis and Dhalla is the one to do it.
22 12 05 A.S.
Besides the natural Yellow Dog Liberalism of the suburban 905, what saved Ruby Dhalla from the catastrophe of her own parachute was an equal degree of catastrophe in the CPC camp. (Meanwhile, a lot of the old Liberal team migrated to the NDP, giving them their best Peel Region result in over 20 years--and that was still only good for third.) Keep in mind that this isn't quite the Brampton Centre of yore; it's lost some Tory-friendly neighbourhoods to Brampton West and gained lots of new subdivisions (the name "Springdale" was pretty well non-existent 20 years ago) and New Canadians (they don't nickname it "Singhdale" for nothing). Unless conflicts over SSM are *that* much of an indigenous electoral factor, it's the kind of seat that grows more classically Chretien/Martin Liberal with each passing year. Barring a big political-dynamic shift (y'know, like anti-SSM Sikhs voting en bloc for the Tories, the way that the pro-Israel Orthodox Jewish electorate in the GTA has done lately), if Ruby Dhalla could survive '04, she'll survive '06--and almost uniquely in Peel, if '04's dynamics hold, she may have a split opposition in part to thank...
03 12 05 Sasha
Anna Mather (NDP) should get a lot of support from the employees of the Daimler Chrysler plant located in Brampton.
09 05 05 M. Lunn
If Ruby Dhalla could win last time around despite her controversial parachuting into the riding, then I don't think the Conservatives could put up anything to defeat her. The Conservatives are quite weak in the GTA portions of the 905 belt and are more likely to pick up seats in the Niagara, Durham, and Halton regions as opposed to Brampton, York (besides the two they already have), and Mississauga. The ethnic vote will likely stay liberal despite the fact Harper has targeted them on the same-sex marriage issue since the Conservative party still hasn't fully shed the old Reform elements that were anti-Immigrant and so despite Harper's efforts to reach out to the ethnic communities, it will take a few more elections before they become comfortable with the Conservatives.
09 05 05 Brandon
Formerly "Brampton Centre," the Tories have always performed better here for whatever reason. The provincial Liberals won here by only 1000 votes and the PC/Alliance split almost outnumbered the Liberals a few times. Liberal last time by 6,000 with Ruby Dhalla being touted as a Martin "star candidate." Much better than most 905 ridings. What changes the dynamics this year is Same-Sex Marriage. International Sikh religious leaders and the local community are VERY angry with Ruby's support for it. If the Tories find a candidate with deep enough community roots, this will be a Tory upset. For now, I would label this "too close to call."

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