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13 01 05 Steve G.
In response to M.T., the fact that Rondo Thomas has not showed up to all 3 debates this week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and doubt he will show up next Tuesday as well, goes far beyond his position on SSM. You have convictions, you face the music and you show up to defend and debate them and if it is getting to hot, then you get out of the kitchen!
12 01 06 M.T.
Those criticizing the Tory candidate here need to keep two very significant things in mind. The first is that there is a huge number of people for whom SSM is a significant issue, but might not be quick to admit it. The Tory national campaign may want to make sure Thomas doesn't say anything that will make waves outside his own riding, but there is a reason why social conservatives win nomination races - they often win. Some of the safest Liberal seats in Ontario are held by hard core social conservatives. Tom Wappel, for example, holds one of the safest Liberal seats in the province. Why hasn't he lost his nomination? Why is there absolutely no chance of him losing his seat, even in a complete Liberal melt down in Ontario? Other Liberals, like Paul Szabo come to mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that many people don't become familiar with the local race anyway, and vote solely based on the leader and party platform (or simply on the basis of what opponents' attack ads say about a party!) Those who know about Thomas' social conservative views might be divided between those who dislike them and those who are attracted, and many others simply won't notice. With the way the Tory campaign is going in Ontario right now, there is a decent chance for a Conservative pick up here. And the Conservative candidate's views on SSM do not make that less likely.
11 01 06 GR
Rondo is history. The Liberals found documentary film footage of him declaring "war" on those who don't share his extremist views on religion, claiming that "the facts don't matter," that marriage is exclusively for procreation, and that Adam and Eve lived 6000 years ago. He also rants about "engaging the enemy."
Rondo was a no show at Tuesday night's all candidates meeting, and word is that he'll miss the remaining ones too. He says it's for family reasons, but no doubt Harper would like him to disappear.
As John Ivison writes in the National Post (Jan. 11): Rondo "will return from whence he came, Canada Christian College, once he is defeated at the polls."
11 01 06 PMK
The infamous video of Rondo Thomas declaring "war" on supporters of same-sex marriage is now online, at
This kind of stuff really hurts the Conservatives in the 905 region.
10 01 06 Steve G.
Not only isn't there any other signs other than Holland and Thomas, but when Modeste is supporting Holland, that indicates a lot. Modeste was quoted saying: "First, let's give credit where credit's due. Mark Holland has done an impressive job on the airport issue and has been a model MP for the residents of north Pickering. His successes with the informal moratorium on demolitions and his consistent advocacy in this matter have been an excellent example of how an elected official should represent his community."
Also, Holland initiated campaigning truce over the holiday season, which was accepted by Modeste. However, Thomas' group was delivering campaign flyer on December 27 as indicated by Eric Novak, a riding resident. He said: "I see this as somewhat ironic too. The fact is that of all the candidates in this election, you would think that Rondo, with his theologian background would be the one most likely to keep to this moratorium on campaigning during the holidays. Not sure if this is a good indicator or not of how he would be as a representative of this electorate, however it is something worth noting."
08 01 06 Dean
Driving around the riding it makes me wonder who is running other than Rondo and Mark? I have yet to see an NDP sign...so like the national election this too is being seen as a two party race...Rondo has handed out 4 pieces of literature to Mark’s 1 but Mark seems to speak to the people and the local issues...Rondo has made a HUGE mistake bringing religion into this race.....chalk this riding up to Mark again....sorry Steven but Durham will NOT be a sea of blue like you are predicting!!!
12 12 05 GR
It's looking worse and worse for Rondo Thomas. The party has brought in a campaign manager from Ottawa to keep him under control. As reported in a Globe and Mail column by John Barber (Dec. 10, p. M2), Thomas kicked off his campaign with party literature in one hand and a Bible in the other. When asked about this by Barber, Thomas was evasive. Barber's source was a former Conservative candidate -- one of the many former PCs now supporting Holland. Concludes Barber: "The truth is clear: Yet another promising local riding is obviously unwinnable for the Harper Conservatives. 'Rondo is the embodiment of the bogeyman for us,' the former candidate complained."
12 12 05 A.S.
Blue Rondo a la Turkey? If (as per the G&M's John Barber) Rondo is campaigning w/a Bible in one hand, what should have been a prospective collateral Tory pickup in Jim Flaherty country now stands to collaterally threaten Flaherty's own chances next door. Not that it would have been an easy pickup, either; the eastward march of GTA multi-culti makes this a far cry from what had been a blue-collar white-trash top Reform target in '93. But now, it's a test demonstration of how them Reform-a-Tories never learn--or at least the illusion thereof, in order to soothe those Tory-a-phobic GTAers not knowing what may be in store for the Rest Of Ontario...
08 12 05 Interested Observer
Social conservatism will not prevail in this riding. Stephen Harper is a tough enough sell in Ajax-Pickering. With Rondo Thomas as the local standard bearer, the Conservative Party's chances are all but nil. Mark Holland will rewin this seat by at least 5000 votes.
18 08 05 905er
Giggle if you like, Rick Johnson announced his support of Holland at a liberal fundraising event. Not that it changes anything - just another example of how much Thomas has pushed people away who should be obvious supporters
20 07 05 M. Lunn
The Conservatives just handed this to the liberals again when they chose a religious fundamentalist. This is a 905 belt riding that is fiscally conservative, which is why Mike Harris did well in this area, but socially liberal. Had Belinda Stronach won the Tory leadership race, they probably would have taken this last time around, but considering even she couldn't stand Stephen Harper's hardline conservatism, I expect the same of voters in Ajax-Pickering. Until Harper and his gang of social conservatives understand that people don't care about what one does in their personal lives and that people support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the 905 Belt will continue to go solidly liberal.
18 07 05 Craig
Wrong seat choice, Rondo Thomas! If this was a rural riding to the north or east, he would be a dream candidate and would win with an massive majority (a la Cheryl Gallant). However, this is a suburban riding without any real Conservative tradition. It will solidify the moderate vote in the hands of Mark Holland, despite supporting C-38 (which is unpopular here, but not to the degree in the rural areas), and also the budget deal and other such Liberal policies are fairly popular here. Liberal hold as a result. Predicted results: LIB 46%, CPC 33%, NDP 15%, GRN 5%, others 1%.
16 07 05 An old Tory
I had a little chuckle when I read the last message and low and behold the Liberal supporter was suffering from delusions and wishful thinking.
The writer indicated that Rick Johnson, who ran a strong second in the nomination process, and his supporters were going to throw their support behind Liberal candidate Mark Holland. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rick has always been a conservative and has been know to beed a little blue. Lets see when the campaign really begins were the support will be focused. Just another little tid bit. Mark Holland , with his stand for Same sex marriage, has upset a large percentage of the community , especially in the ethnic community where he used to be very strong. We will see where that vote goes next time around.
Gan't wait to see what will happen when we really do go to the polls. There might be a surprise or two.
Date 01 06 05 M. Lunn
Now that the Conservatives have nominated a religious fundamentalist, they won't win this riding, even if they re-bound in Ontario. This is a 905 belt riding that is fiscally conservative, which is why Mike Harris did well in this area, but is socially liberal and doesn't like the George W. Bush bible thumping conservatism that Stephen Harper seems to tolerate.
18 05 05 905er
The Conservatives nominatated Thomas Rondo - Vice President of the Canadian Christian College and a far right wing evengelical. Great candidate for rural Alabama but not for a riding abutting Toronto.
Holland was going to win anyway - this just makes it a blow out. Rondo is tied in with Charles McVety and the wacky Defend Marrage bus - expect this to play a role more broadly in Ontario in pushing away fiscal conservatives. It just further cements the impression Belina made that there is no room for moderates in the Stephen Harper's Conservatives.
As a last note, I hear that Rick Johnson who came in a close 2nd to Thomas in the nomination is throwing his support and that of his team behind Holland.
18 05 05 Grip On Reality
2 big local issues; the proposed airport and same-sex marriage. The Liberal MP, Mark Holland has indeed worked very hard on this issue. He has tried to get the federal government to stop kicking people out of their homes and bulldozing them to the ground. Unfortunately for him, it's his government that's doing that and that wants to build an unneeded and unwanted airport. People are very motivated and organized on this issue. I can't see any candidate winning this riding unless they are unequivocal about being against the airport. In fact, if either Martin or Harper were to come to town and say they are against the airport, I think their party wins it here.
2nd issue, SSM. Mark Holland is the only MP in Scarborough and Durham Region supporting SSM. He has foolishly staked his re-election on this issue. He campaigns on an issue where the majority of people are against him. As a result, he is a top 3 target for defeat in the province, #1 in the GTA by anti-ssm groups. There is a massive effort underway to bring him down. A lot of support & campaigners are coming in from outside the riding (no, Mark, not from the States, just Scarborough). In an election where the Liberals will be fighting to keep seats, HQ will wave the white flag here.
By the way, I went to one of Mark's town hall meetings just after the budget and before the Jean Brault testimony hit the papers. I don't think Mark had 5 of his own supporters there in a packed hall of over a hundred. About 60 people opposed to ssm and about 35 opposed to the airport. He could yet get the airport votes. If not, that's 95 very motivated campaigners against him and 5 in support (constituency office workers).
The only way Mark Holland can hang on is if the Liberals stay above 40% support in Ontario . I don't see that happening. Otherwise, the situation on the ground shows that he is in real trouble.
16 05 05 pundit 2005
Safest seat in the 905 region for the Liberals. The Tories are divided between a popular local Councillor Rick Johnston and a candidate being put up by a group using the same sex issue.
If Johnston wins the nomimation, this might grow into a race. If not, Holland has this one in a landslide.
Date 12 05 05 QM
The current numbers will see Mark Holland elected fairly easily again. For this seat to be in any danger, the Conservative party would have to sweep Ontario or the NDP would have to more than double it's result from last time (quite the feat considering they already tripled their 2000 results)
05 05 05 M. Lunn
Based on last time's results where the liberals were 4% above the Ontario average and Tories 2% above, this will probably go with whichever party wins the majority of seats in Ontario. If the liberals can hold their lead even if its is only five points, Mark Holland should be re-elected, but should the Tories pull ahead, then this will go Conservative. This is not a rural riding, but not a commuting suburb riding so it is neither solidly conservative or liberal.
04 05 05
Holland is a clear win here. In Duraham McTeague and Holland are safe - Longfield is in a very tight race because or Flaherty, Oshawa is a 3 way toss up and Durham is Conservative.
The GTA numbers are strong for the liberals and Holland won big against a strong candidate last time. Even the Managing Editor of the Ajax-Pickering News Advertiser who hates Martin and slams him in his editorials says of Holland "There likely isn't a more responsive and tireless politician to constituents needs at any level of government in Ajax and Pickering which should pay dividends for him."
02 05 05 JC
Mark Holland is a fantastic member of parliament and has been well known in his community, he will easily win re-election in this area.

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