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York Centre

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Liberal Party:
Art Eggleton
Canadian Alliance:
Jeff Dorfman
Progressive Conservative Party:
Mark Tweyman
New Democratic Party:
Maurice Coulter
Communist Party:
Christopher Black
Marsist-Leninist Party:
Diane Johnston
Green Party:
Constantine Kritsonis

Hon. Art Eggleton

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
York South-Weston
York West

Population: 103 889
Avg Household Income 51 183
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12/10/00 SAS Email:
This is one of three Ontario ridings that topped a 70% majority for the governing Liberals in the 1997 Federal Election. Art Eggleton will win again easily.
18/10/00 Peter Smith Email:
Eggleton is one of the safest Ontario ministers. Very popular in his riding. This will be no problem for him.
26/10/00 Initial EMAIL:
Only the National Post would lump *this* in with Grit ridings threatened over the Jewish issue. It's hard to imagine a better-configured riding; the latent PCs of the E are cancelled out by the latest NDPers of the W, and only in Michael Taube's wildest dreams will CA ever fly around here. With all his '97 opponents in single digits, no wonder Art Eggleton's grinning like a jerk as we all offer our "Eggs over easy" predictions...
02/11/00 Greg Email:
Art's so sure he's going to win this one that he's not bothering to start canvassing until Nov. 7th or so. Based on signage so far - all Liberal except for a few highway medians and vacant lots that are supporting the Alliance - I don't see much hope for any other candidate. Today I stopped into Art's HQ to pick up the Liberal platform (pretty thin this time around, eh?) and saw quite a lot of activity, must have been a dozen people in there...
22/11/00 Greg Email:
I see no one's taking a keen interest in this race, but since it's the riding I live in (and I've got some spare time between classes) I thought I'd provide a little extra detail. As of today: The sign war - Eggelton signs outnumber any other party's by about 8 to 1 in my part of the riding, the western end. Canadian Alliance signs were second to appear and are mostly on public property along the main throughfares. Green Party signs appeared soon afterwards, and are mostly on public property. The NDP just got their signs out recently - you know, that bright orange really shows up well at night... not a single sign of the Progressive Conservatives so far. The candidates - Art Eggelton's literature mostly runs on his record, with a bit in there on his ties to the Jewish community to compensate for his government's behaviour at the UN. The CA candidate, Dorfman, is Jewish and is making a big issue of it, and UN Resolution 1122 (I *think* I got that number right), on his campaign literature. Opened his campaign office right across the road from Eggelton's. Wasn't nearly as well staffed on the few times I walked by it on my way to the Tim Horton's. I think the NDP candidate, Maurice Coulter, is an older union man who may have done some work with retired workers, but I'm not positive - I can't find anything about the man on the NDP's website. I've got no idea who the PC candidate, Mark Tweyman, is. The only interesting question about this riding in this election is whether the Green Party's reasonably well-distributed campaign signs (something I've never seen before in an election) will translate into them getting more votes.
26/11/00 David D. Anber EMAIL_YES = selected
Just to answer above question: Mark Tweyman is a friend of mine; he is a 19 year old student and while he is a great guy (who worked hard this campaign) he will be no match for eggleton.

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