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Toronto Centre-Rosedale

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Liberal Party:
Bill Graham
Canadian Alliance:
Richard Walker
Progressive Conservative Party:
Randall Pearce
New Democratic Party:
David Berlin
Canadian Action Party:
Hon Paul Hellyer
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Philip Fernandex
Communist Party:
Danny Goldstick
Natural Law Party:
David Gordon
Marijuana Party:
Neev Tapiero

Bill Graham

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Surrounding Ridings:
Don Valley West
St. Paul's

Population: 105 581
Avg Household Income 54 052
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11/10/00 AL Email:
The NDP machine here is still in serious disarray after last year's provincial election which say a good number of riding New Democrats bolt over to John Sewell's independent campaign. The riding association hasn't recovered and is not in a good position to run a federal election campaign. Stockwell Day will not play well with the riding's gay and lesbian community so the Liberals should keep this riding with ease.
15/10/00 S. Webb Email:
Look for an easy win here... though the Alliance could make some noises is the energetic and highly outspoken Brock Jones is the candidate. It would then be a very entertaining race.
18/10/00 AL Email:
Brock Jones? I'm almost tempted to switch my residency from Kingston to my mother's place in Toronto just so I can vote against him:) That the CA had no choice but to give the nomination to Jones shows just how desperate they are to find candidates. (Brock and I go way back so my tongue is in my cheek here... but just a little:)
19/10/00 S. Webb Email:
This riding just got a little easier for the Liberals. Brock Jones will not be seeking the nomination here...
23/10/00 Email:
I would have to agree with Andy Lehrer -- an easy win for Bill Graham, winner of "Best Toronto MP" in NOW Magazine's Reader Poll for 3 of the last 4 years.
03/11/00 A.S.
Right now it looks like the dullest contest here in ages, a disconcertingly snoozy cakewalk for Bill Graham--even a gay PC (and we're talking *federal* here, folks) don't cut the excitement mustard no more. Despite the Rosedale'n'condos base, PC & CA'll be chained at the ankles. NDP--strong provincially, but bittersweet provincially and federally (ground down by the PC-Lib squeeze play)--actually showed promise as a viable second-place second choice with ex-PC-minister-turned-Alexa-paramour David MacDonald's otherwise much-ridiculed '97 candidacy. But they, too, seem destined for nominality this time...
16/11/00 Dave B Email:
A strong Liberal riding works for Graham, but it also works for the Hon. Paul Hellyer. Most Liberals seem to remember him in a positive light, and he's a vet with several trick up his sleve. Keep an eye on this riding in the last week, it should get interesting.
23/11/00 Greg Email:
Give your head a shake. Paul Hellyer won't get 2% of the vote.

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